I was inspired by a style I saw on Longhairdontcare2011’s Youtube channel. As you can see, the style is very easy if you know how to cornrow and it’s versatile!


  • I started on stretched, moisturized hair, well detangled hair.
  • I split the hair from ear the ear and cornrowed the entire back section down. I did about 10 or 11 straight cornrows.
  • After cornrowing the back section I parted her hair straight down the middle and started working on the right side. I parted her hair from her hair, to the middle part and cornrowed it back as if I were doing a mohawk. I parted and cornrowed two more sections above that and did the same thing on the left side.
  • I placed the top section of left over hair in a ponytail and placed it in about 4 braids.
  • That’s it! All done. Pretty basic cornrowing. Just make straight parts and you’re good! 🙂

I wanted to show you all how to switch this easy style up within minutes.

To get the above look:

  • I simply gathered the 4 braids from the top ponytail, split them into two and started twisting them around one another, I then began picking up the other braids and adding them to each section, once I got to the back of her hair, I grabbed 5 braids from the left and added them to one section and 5 from the right, adding them to the other section, I continued twisting all the way down to the end and tied the twist off with a ponytail holder.

To get the above look: I pretty much did the same exact thing as above, only this time I braided (so I used 3 sections), instead of twisting.

To get the above look: I did the same exact thing as the above twisted style, only I split the braids into two and twisted down.