Autumn writes:

I’m trying to figure this one out…

It seems as though I’ve been calling my “good hair days” the ones on which I take the time to define my curls. And my bad hair days seem to be the exact same days that I don’t.

Is it really that I just “prefer” defined curls? Or do I have apprehension about wearing my 4a/4b hair in a moisturized afro? I mean how can I call myself doing a “wash n go” if I’m really doing a wash n add product n manipulate n add more product n manipulate n go? Am I alone?

How are other fairly new naturals managing to accept their “real” texture vs. their “styled” texture (shingling, twist/braid out)? Are u okay with both? I feel like it’s more of an issue when you still have a TWA like me.

Weigh in!