by Miss Lycia of All Day Natural

Ladies, stop what you’re doing right now. Don’t walk…run to your bathroom. It’s time for a cosmetics overhaul. That Wet-N-Wild lipstick you’ve been wearing since the 8th grade? Chunk it. It’s killing your lips. The “all-purpose” vaseline you slather on your skin? Petroleum is great for fueling cars, not so much for your body.

Thanks to our friends at Skin Deep, here is a list of ingredients to avoid in your products. These ingredients have caused severe allergic reactions and been linked to cancers, as well as complications with the nervous system:

1) Hair dyes with ammonia, peroxide, p-phenylenediamine, diaminobenzene; all
dark permanent hair dyes

2) Liquid hand soaps with triclosan

3) Nail polish and removers with formaldehyde

4) Lotions and creams with lactic, glycolic, AHA, and BHA acid

5) Hair products with parabens or “-paraben”

6) Shampoos or soaps with sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate

7) Lipsticks and eye makeup with synthetic dyes (D & C)

Does that mean you’re destined to live a bare-faced, ashy life? No! There are a plethora of resources on the web, including natural hair and beauty and healthy living sites. Many of these have reviews on safe products that look good on you and are great for you. Here’s to a healthy (and beautiful) you!

What types of “safe” cosmetics have you had success with?