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Hair Products That Cause Acne

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

Hair Products That Cause AcneJoyce Clements of Naturallycurly writes:

Want beautiful hair and blemish-free skin? Then you need to become a detective—actually a cosmetic ingredient detective.

The truth is that some ingredients may cause problems for you and not for other people. At the end of this article, we’ve included a list of ingredients that have been shown to cause acne. Or you can purchase a book on cosmetic ingredients for future research.

Try to Keep it Simple

If you have acne, do not use products that add any oil to your skin or hair. Ingredients labels don’t underline the acne-causing ingredients. When looking at products and acne treatments, always look for “non-acne” or “non-comedogenic.” Not oil-free, because it may still contain ingredients that cause breakouts. Stay away from isopropyl myristate, oils, and silicone, petrolatum, PVP, CVP and copolymer ingredients. Also sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are ingredients to avoid.

Wash and condition your hair before you wash the rest of your body. Do this to wash off any residue that hair products may leave on your skin. (Just think how hard it is to get grease off of dishes, you normally need to wash it several times to be grease-free.) It’s the same with hair products—they will leave a residue that can cause breakouts IF YOU ARE PRONE TO ACNE. Really clean the skin well to rid it of any product residue.

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  • Annie L. says:

    Great article!

    @Anonymous 6.43 I agree. I have oil slick skin (thank god!), had eczema for years and DS, prescription and high-end brands didn't help.
    I went organic and natural and voila! I use the same things on my face and body.

    Cleanser: Rhassoul w/coconut milk 1x a month
    Balancer: honey/water bi-weekly
    Leave-in: Blue malva, marshmallow or burdock
    Moisture: Aloe, okra gel, or veg. glycerin
    Seal: Watermelon seed oil, Japanese camelia kissi, papaya seed oil, blackcurrent oil, blueberry oil or raspberry oil. When mixed with VCO I use any as a pre-shampoo.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for speaking of this real issue that I had for years. I used hair products that gave me blemishes. Even more, I would have some face allergy.
    Now, I no longer have this kind of issue because I use almost only natural and organic products.
    I love oils. So, I use ones that are good too for the skin like jojoba, castor oil or coconut oil. To moisturize I use aloe vera juice or water and oil spray.
    My deep conditionning is mucilage. So, I no longer have blemishes caused by hair products.
    Whenever I use an hair product like a new conditionner I check the ingredients to never buy one with mineral oil like paraffin or vaseline that clogs pores so my skull pores too 🙂
    So, one of my criteria to keep a commercial hair product is for it not to cause face allergy or acne. Otherwise, dustbin.
    Keeping it natural is safer for hair and face and much cheaper…

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