by KurlyBella of

a reader asks:

bella, my hair is very kinky like yours and I think we are hair twins! I wanted to know how you handle night time matting. My hair, more specifically my roots, matts like crazy at night. Do you ever have this problem? What can I do to avoid this?

KurlyBella responds:

Let me tell you a story. One day a long time ago, I had this brilliant idea that I could sleep with my hair all out. So, I did. That fateful night, I went to bed with my wash and go just out and about. “I’ll wake up and everything will be fine. My hair will be loose and I will be able to fluff it up and just mist it and go”, I thought.

Ha! I did go to sleep and it’s evident that I did wake up as I’m writing this post, but let me tell you about my hair. Whoa honay! That pretty wash and go fluffed out hair had turned into one big dreadlock. eh mon! I was straight up rasta, okay?! I could have rolled up a doobie and started singing 90′s mad cobra songs….gal flex!

It was a hot tangled mess. The back of my head looked like a matted up rats nest because not only did I go to sleep without prepping my hair, I’d sweated in my sleep because it was a hot summer night and I thought I’d just sleep with the window open and not turn on the ac. Let’s do the hair math…sweat equals water equals shrinkage equals mats when you sleep on wet, shrunken hair.

The back of my head was a kinky carpet and looked like I’d just did a big chop in the back of my head! Straight up George Jefferson, okay?! I will never, ever do that again…

So, how can you avoid waking up with matted hair? Simply, don’t go to sleep without prepping your hair. Okay, yeah, you could go to sleep with your hair just hanging “out” but I really don’t suggest this method for kinky girls with hair longer than a TWA. Yes, any texture of hair can experience tangles, but kinky type 4 hair is just one knot away from being a dreadlock because our kinks and curls are drawn to each other like Rihanna is to a tattoo. Prep your hair by putting it in big twists or braids at night and wrapping it in silk or sleeping on a silk pillow case. This simple tip will save you tons of detangling time, possible hair loss, tears and headaches.

No need to end this with “ask me how I know”!

What say you? Have you ever woken up from a restful slumber with a sleep induced patch of matted hair?