I'm Bunning for the #KimColesGOC!

I'm Bunning for the #KimColesGOC!
Hola Chicas,

I am officially on the GOC Train!

Last night I dry detangled in sections using my miracle performing Tangle Teezer, twisting large sections as I went. I then washed (with Elucence), and deep conditioned (with Jessicurl WDT) in the twists. Finally, after air drying for 20 minutes, I divided the bigger twists into smaller ones using Jessicurl TooShea. I allowed my hair to air dry over night, and this morning I removed them, finger combed for volume, and pulled my hair up into a high doughnut bun. I love how soft the Jessicurl TooShea left my hair, but it added zero shine, and little hold… which makes sense, because it’s not a leave-in or a styler, lol. But my hair feels ridiculously moisturized. Maybe I’ll reserve the TooShea for my ends? Whatever the case, it’s worth revisiting because my hair hasn’t felt this nice in a long time.

I achieved the bun by stealing one of hubby’s black socks (shhhh!), cutting off the toe, and rolling it into a fat, little doughnut. I loosely secured my hair with a Goody Ouchless band, and pulled my hair through the doughnut. I then fanned my hair in all directions, hiding the doughnut, and secured with another Goody band (pulling it over and around my hair and the doughnut). This is what I ended up with:

I'm Bunning for the #KimColesGOC!I'm Bunning for the #KimColesGOC!
This will be my style for the next several days. I’ll re-moisturize as needed, but pretty much just leave it be. I’ll keep you gals posted! Side note- Aunty bought a Tangle Teezer last weekend and called me nearly in tears! She said it glided through her hair and she lost significantly less hair. She is so excited. I’m still loving it too.

**Wanna see something disturbing?**

My Mother-in-Law shared this pic:

I'm Bunning for the #KimColesGOC! No, that baby ain’t Gia… that’s my husband! LAWD, this pic shut it down. Boogie officially looks like daddy. Womp Womp.

I'm Bunning for the #KimColesGOC!In other news, I’m still going hard with the baby sign language, and now, when I sign and say ‘milk’, she goes BONKERS! I’m still breastfeeding, but tomorrow, she’ll have her first taste of cereal *tear*. Is it wrong that I’m already having issues with her growing up?