Autumn T. writes:

Honestly, when I was relaxed, I was totally oblivious to whether or not my HEAD was leaning a particular way… leaning back in the car, leaning on the side of the couch.

Now that I’m rocking my TWA (4 months in so I have a little length), I am perpetually concerned with my head’s exact angle, so as not to disturb my coif. Even when I’m dog tired after hanging out all day with my hubby and baby girl, I have to remember to stick my fist under my neck as I lean my head to the side, just to catch a quick car nap on the ride home. Because no one want’s a lopsided TWA.

This past week, I’ve noticed that I have to do that neck turning exercise. You know, the one the yoga instructor tells you to do just before the workout starts. Drop your head forward, then rotate it left-center-right. Repeat with your dead dropped to the back. Still, neck pain. Ugh, still in pain.

Am I over-working my neck muscles just to keep my hair from being flat on one side?

Is my TWA causing a serious case of chronic neck pain?

Do any other TWA ladies have this problem?

P.S. I used to lean on my hair and then shake it out. I did this all the time. Then, for a whole two days my body felt like I had vertigo… I think I was literally shaking my brain. So, no more shaking.