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Curly Nikki

Kim Coles’ Grow-Out Challenge: Check-in!

By January 27th, 202116 Comments

Kim Coles' Grow-Out Challenge: Check-in!

What have you done to stay on track with your goals?

CN Responds:
I kept my hair in a bun ALL week (despite the growing boredom) and plan to take it down tonight for a dry Twist-n-Curl… gotta get all sexified for Valentine’s day!

I’ll detangle with the Tangle Teezer (LOVE how it mimics a blow-out), probably use CURLS CURL Souffle to twist, and apply some Jessicurl TooShea or Weekly Deep Treatment on the ends just prior to rolling.

I mentioned in a previous post that the TooShea left me feeling soft and moisturized… and not the fake moisturized either. Well, 5 days later, it’s still super soft and not at all crunchy. Unfortunately, my hair is dull, and I can tell that if I was any more heavy handed, I’d have white flakes. So, I’ll experiment a bit with it on my ends and see if I can use it that way.

In other news, hubby is planning something for us tomorrow. Yay! I can only assume that munchkin will be in tow, and she definitely has a sensitive romance alarm. Boo! What should I plan for him (keeping in mind that Gia will be in arm’s reach!)? I’m coming up empty, lol.


  • Pamela says:

    Doing well with the vitamins and water, not too bad with the healthy eating.

    I have been doing well with keeping my hair moisturized and in protective styles. Last week I kept my hair in twisted up-dos, moisturizing with water and oil spritz twice a day. I rinsed my twists on Wednesday and pinned them back up. Sunday morning, I took my twists out for a twist out, then Sunday evening spritzed with water/oil mixture and applied Shea butter, detangled and put in several braids to stretch. This week, I have been wearing my hair in a tuck and roll with a pomp in the front and lots of cute headbands, a la Kimmaytube. I Plan to keep it like this most of the week, covering it at night with a silk scarf. I will then re-moisturize and detangle mid-week and re-braid to stretch again, until the weekend when I will wash and deep condition.

  • Yolanda says:

    I'm also bunning a la Nikki. I wash and deep treatment my hair then put them in large twists to stretch. I take them out after letting them air-dry overnight and bun Mon-Fri. Saturday, I usually detangle and retwist and bun again for another week before washing and deep conditioning again. I know I should wash and DC each week, but I'm also attempting ro low-manipulation as well!

    I should start with my vitamins again as well…

  • Shalonda says:

    I say after Baby G go to bed have a nice candlit dinner at home. If you dont want to cook you can have take out. Get dressed in something sexy(lingerie) and serve honey dinner. He wont be hungry long 🙂 Also include a love note to him that you will read before dessert. In about 9 months Baby G will have a little brother or sister! LOL!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I washed, deep conditioned and put my hair in medium sized plaits/braids and pinned most of them up. This has been my hair-do for the week. I'm doing well with my vitamins, but struggling with my water intake and I fell off the band-wagon with my healthy eating regimen (LOL). But I'm back on now.
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in TX)

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I'm keeping up with my vitamins too! My healthy eating regimen… not so much, lol. Gotsta do better 🙂

  • Sisou says:

    Keep up with the vitamins,Deep conditioning, bunning except for special occasion loose styles.

  • Joyce says:

    I deep condition at every styling session!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am keeping my hair in twists, rinsing daily, and sealing the ends. Hoping for a couple of inches by the end of the challenge.

  • Anonymous says:

    great news about sheamoisture! that would be great because we don't have a target in my hometown.

  • Candace4life says:


    To all the ladies that use Sheamoisture products, they will now supposedly be sold at Walgreens. I saw this interesting info on LHCF, this is what's stated.

    "Shamonica38663" wrote yesterday:

    SheaMoisture is coming to Walgreens


    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let you guys know that on SheaMoisture's face book they announced that their hair collection will be at Walgreens on April 1. On that date every single Walgreens may not have it but soon after all will have it. I think that this is great because I live in a small town where we don't have a Target. I happen to go to school in a town that does have target and SheaMoisture is available to me. When I go home for a visit or for the summer I would like to be available to buy SheaMoisture without going 30-45min away.


    Hopefully this is for real and not a joke, because that will definitely save me gas money from going to Target to get it since that's like almost 35 to 40 minutes from where I live.

  • IcyLillies says:

    I've been deep conditioning every week and bunning after I twist or braid my hair ^_^

  • Nelly says:

    Last Sunday I twisted my hair in a combination of flat twist and double strand twist and pinned the twists up(Some pics are posted on my blog). Every other day I took the twist out of the pins and moisturized my hair (concentrating on my ends) by dampening my hair in the shower, spraying it with GIOVANNI VITAPRO FUSION LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER, applying HERBAL ESSENCES LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP LEAVE-IN, and sealing with CASTOR OIL. Afterwards I re-pinned my twists and went along with my day. 🙂
    Today is wash day So I have just washed and deep conditioned my hair with my hair steamer. I'm not sure what protective style I will try this week!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anon 1:05. Let hubby take care of the main course and you take care of dessert. While the baby's away the parents can play. 😉 Happy Valentine's Day!


  • Anonymous says:

    What time does Baby G usually go down for the night? That will determine what you can plan and do for the hubby.
    My son is 5 and he's in bed (bathed, teeth brushed, story read and lights out by 7 p.m.) and so the rest of the night will be ours to do whatever we want at home. Nothing really out there spectacular. But we both like indoor picnics (in front of our fireplace) with good food (especially a sinful dessert that we don't have often), wine and romantic music.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wore two strand twists in a couple different updos for the week. I took them down Friday night, washed, DC'd and put in a TnC with a product I'm testing for a friend. Hair is now in a faux hawk. As the ends are protected, debating on rocking it for the week. But had planned on doing twists for the month. This keeping one style thing for a month is hard! LOL!


  • Anonymous says:

    I've kept my hair in small/medium sized box braids which I wore in a twisted updo style throughout the week. I braided my hair using Kimmaytube's leave-in recipe to keep hair moisturized. I resisted the urge to take them out this weekend. Later, I will wet them and re-moisturize either using KTs formula or just Giovanni direct leave-in then a sealant (castor oil). I will take them down next weekend and repeat. The last month (and most of the winter really) I have been very good about not wearing my hair out. Plus, the cold/wind/snow is a deterrent.

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