What have you done to stay on track with your goals?

CN Responds:
I kept my hair in a bun ALL week (despite the growing boredom) and plan to take it down tonight for a dry Twist-n-Curl… gotta get all sexified for Valentine’s day!

I’ll detangle with the Tangle Teezer (LOVE how it mimics a blow-out), probably use CURLS CURL Souffle to twist, and apply some Jessicurl TooShea or Weekly Deep Treatment on the ends just prior to rolling.

I mentioned in a previous post that the TooShea left me feeling soft and moisturized… and not the fake moisturized either. Well, 5 days later, it’s still super soft and not at all crunchy. Unfortunately, my hair is dull, and I can tell that if I was any more heavy handed, I’d have white flakes. So, I’ll experiment a bit with it on my ends and see if I can use it that way.

In other news, hubby is planning something for us tomorrow. Yay! I can only assume that munchkin will be in tow, and she definitely has a sensitive romance alarm. Boo! What should I plan for him (keeping in mind that Gia will be in arm’s reach!)? I’m coming up empty, lol.