by Tyesia of A Blues for Nina

I semi-big chopped about 3months ago. I did not decide to go natural for any deep political reason or as an attempt to make a statement. I honestly did not know the first thing about obtaining healthy hair or how to even care for my curls. Going natural was something I thought about doing for a long time but I could never bring myself to let go of the weaves and embrace the kinks.

This was a major step in my reinvention of self. I needed a change. I wanted to feel like a “new” woman, so I let my best friend take a pair of scissors to my locks and I have not looked back since.

My natural hair journey has been amazing thus far. Now, when I say amazing, in no way am I referring to my actual transitioning hair. My hair is actually a nightmare most of the time, but the journey…the journey itself is amazing lol.

The day after I cut my hair, I felt great. I felt confident. I felt free.

You have to have confidence to rock a mane of kinky curls or else you will revert back to your old damaging hair habits. Natural Hair is not a “fad”. It is a movement! African-American women embracing their true selves is a much larger concept than just a hairstyle. It is about self-love, and I am happy to be nappy!