Jahmekya of Santa Monica writes:

Dear Curly Nikki & Fellow Curlies,

I am typing this email as I search the web for prom dress, shoes and makeup ideas. Yet I know that finding all of those items will be easy. Slowly finding its way into my daily stream of thoughts is the question with a unforeseen answer “how to style my Curls for the big night”. I have been naturally curly since the day I cut off my locs- – prior to watching the latest barney episode at the age of 3. Since that time, I have battled with trying to be an advocate for natural hair despite remarks from others. The Curly Nikki Community has given me a great sense of hope and guidance for the future of my curls and myself. But now I am faced with my greatest challenge: Prom!

I’m reaching out to you in a desperate plea for help. If you guys have any suggestions on styles or a stylist who won’t press the life out of my curls lol, I would be so elated.

Thank you so very much!