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The Pros and Cons of Oiling Your Scalp

By January 27th, 202114 Comments

The Pros and Cons of Oiling Your Scalp
Timi Komonibo of Naturallycurly writes:

When was the last time you oiled your scalp? We habitually engage in dangerous hair practices that strip our hair of its essential oils and nutrients. Applying excessive shampoos, excessive hair washing and not applying enough conditioner are unhealthy practices for your scalp. Hair oils can moisturize the scalp and stimulate its pores to produce more healthy, natural oils. But keep in mind that however beneficial oiling the scalp may be for many people, it might not be right for everyone. Check out these pros and cons to help you decide if oiling your scalp is for you!


  • Lisa Candita says:

    I think it depends on the hair type. Ever since I went natural,I have to oil my scalp with olive oil every once in a while. When I do it becomes less dry and tangled.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had always hated greasing or oiling my scalp. So I wouldn't. Now that I've decided to go natural. I find my hair becoming dryer. So I've recently begun to grease my scalp just to see how things will go. My scalp does itch (daily!) But I'm learning more and more about my hair with each passing day every since I've begun this change.

  • Anonymous says:

    I recently started oil rinsing and like Boyz in the Hood, I was singing "ooh child things are gonna get easierrrrr" because up until oil rinsing (Hairveda's Cocasta oil), my hair had spent 6+ months being as dry as the Gobi. Nothing I put on it would help, not Qhemets Burdock Root, not Olive You Deep, nothing. Once I oil rinsed and let my hair dry, the softness I had long ago returned. I highly recommend it for those with chronically dry hair. I have also taken to using Hairveda Almond Glaze as a grease for my twists. Do not add it to the scalp just my hair, it's alot softer and feels protected. I think a light oil will be great for my scalp.

  • LovelyB says:

    @The Chocolate Loveliness That Is Fraña
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
    and I apply my oil just like you (no mess)
    I would suggest adding in a scalp massage after applying oil will make it even more beneficial

  • The Chocolate Loveliness That Is Fraña says:

    Question: What is EVCO?

    I oil my scalp after my wash and deep condition and co wash. So about twice a week. I use an oil blend (Olive, Jojoba, Coconut, Avocado, melted shea) I made and put in a bottle with a nozzle that I bought from Sally's. I just use a enough to cover my scalp.

    Greasing my scalp is a no no, but oiling is definitely needed.

  • LovelyB says:

    I've experimented with oiling vs not oiling vs greasing (BIG NO-NO). even though I only wash once a week, I have to oil throughout the week other — dry, dandruffy, flaky, ITCHY scalp.
    Normally I use EVCO (melted down, I put in a color applicator bottle (Sally's for like $2) for a quick no mess no fuss way to oil my scalp)
    Currently. Experimenting with Vatika Oil for my scalp and pre-poo treatment

  • Anonymous says:

    I only oil my scalp when i have braids with extensions. My scalp only loves EVCO.
    I used castor oil before but my scalp was too itchy and my face broke out really bad.

  • Lady C says:

    I oil my scalp every couple of days usually with EVCO right after i wash it(which is every 3 or 4 days). Since I'm protective styling with a weave right now I'm using a castor oil and jojoba oil mix every other day very lightly to promote growth and keep my hair from drying out.

  • Black Girl says:

    I only oil my scalp right after I wash it and again before my next wash. My scalp naturally produces its own oil so I don't want to over do it. A way you can check if your scalp is oily is by pressing your finger on your scalp and if when you look at your finger it is oily, there is no need to put more oil. When I used to OD with oils, I got build up faster than usual and I had to wash my hair more frequently.

  • socialitedreams says:

    great piece! i oil my scalp every now and again if it itches, but not really as a daily staple so i definitely don’t overdo it. Jane Carter scalp serum is my go to and works nicely so far


  • Carla says:

    I recently started oiling my scalp with JBCO and "regular" castor oil and my scalp and hair loves me for it. Since I workout and sweat like a dog 4 days a week (and only wash twice a week), its really beneficial for that reason alone. The oils help moisturize my scalp and not have it feel so dry and itchy.

  • Nelly says:

    Since the beginning of the year I have been washing and deep conditioning my hair weekly. However because of a trip to Orlando I took recently I had to stretch my hair schedule a little longer. My scalp definitely felt the effects of it and was dry and itchy the last few days (I washed and applied Henna today). As a way to alleviate the discomfort I went back in my hair supply bin and pulled out my old bottle of Wild Growth Hair Oil (the first 3 ingredients are Olive Oil,Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil)and massaged it in my scalp. RELIEF! I think I will continue doing this once or twice a week. I figure it can do more good than harm so why not!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, my hair always did fine with oil, and that includes the old school hair grease. Always super thick, and always quite long(except when cut off), and grows really fast.
    I think one benefit was that my body heat let it melt and it kind of traveled down the hair shaft too. (Routine was to oil the scalp after it dried following a shampoo as a kid and that's basically what I do now).

  • Anonymous says:

    I oil my scalp with EVCO and castor oil mix a few times a week. My scalp needs something, it gets so dry. As a matter of fact, I just did earlier. I think there is a big difference between greasing a scalp and oiling, though I do take care to cleanse my scalp more often the more I oil it.

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