Sharron writes:

I am sitting at my desk and as is my usual MO, I am playing in my hair. I know, I know, HIH disease has got to stop! But, I digress; as I am playing in my hair I realize that I am also doing a lot of scratching of my scalp. After the 4th or 5th time I say to myself, “I should probably wash my hair soon…”

…then I glance to my left at the small mirror that I keep on my desk and can’t help but admire how awesome “Maximus” looks today, on DAY 7 of a twist-out (with some re-twisting at night every 3rd day)!

So, I ask you other curlies out there, in the quest for YOUR perfect hair, do you forgo washing/restyling to preserve that awesome twist out/braid out/bantu knot out/roller set? And how long do you make your style stretch before you can’t stand it any longer?