curlykinkynfrizzy writes:

I’m so loving the Curly Nikki blog and forum! Anyway , I don’t recall seeing this issue mentioned on your site. But I hope you can post this topic so I can get some assistance! Lately I’ve been plagued with thin ends. Strangely though, it’s only in the front of my hair. Now I know most of us want to retain as much length as possible but I hate seeing thin ends especially when it makes your hairstyle look busted! Whenever I style my hair in twists they look great…until you see the ones framing my face. In a moment of passionate frustration I quickly snipped off about half an inch from the 4 twists framing my face. I couldn’t stand seeing full shiny twists with thin, frayed ends!

Now I’m wondering if I just may have to say goodbye to twists/twist-outs because it seems it may just be too much manipulation for my hair: the process of detangling , sectioning/parting , smoothing and twisting. I may need to just go back to my WnGs and finger detangle as much as possible. But it kinda annoys me because I can’t seem to twist without a comb being involved. My hair is extremely curly/coily and I can’t just grab a section and twist. What’s a girl to do!

So I ask you fellow curlies what do you do about thin ends? Snip them off? Change up your style or technique?

Oh and btw ,I don’t use heat except for when I deep condition – and only for 15 minutes under a soft bonnet dryer (it’s too hot and that’s all I can take!).

Thanks in advance!