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Curly Nikki

Turban Tutorial- Natural Hair Styles

By January 27th, 202119 Comments


  • Tolani O. says:

    Hmmm I didn't think of Mammy at all… But the 1950's suburban house wife/ Lucille Ball. I love the look.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did his style and my cousins called me a field slave for weeks. :/ I like it but ppl cant seem to get that notion out of their head. To each his own. For me, this is perfect when my hair just aint working right.

  • Agbeke says:

    wow. that's not what I was saying at all and being from another country doesn't invalidate MY cultural connection to this one. African American history is part of my personal history too. Jamila clearly wasn't trying to offend anyone. And I didn't call anyone uncultured. That would just be presumptuous.

    And the correction was very much required since the statement was incorrect and grossly generalized. But I was actually primarily referring to the quote "But just ask yourself if you would wrap your head like that first one and go to a event here in the States". I think my statement still stands. It's an accessory for a more casual day outfit so no, I wouldn't wear it to an event. But I don't think anyone meant for it to be worn that way anyway.

    Regardless, to each her own. bye girl!

  • Anonymous says:

    It's not the scarf folks, it's how it is worn. Call me un-cultured but I would only wear that style to beddy bye. However, I love headwraps and have them in many colors and prints but I will not be tying them like this.
    The uncultured American

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny, it seems like the ones who are calling the first style cute are all possibly non-American which says a lot. It's unlikely that many American women of any race would consider it 'no big deal' to remind people of Aunt Jemima. There is an ugly history behind that image, and just because it may not be a part of your cultural reference DOES NOT mean it's not a valid opinion.

    And no geographic lesson/correction on geles are required here; no one was making a direct comparison between them and this casual style. It's called an analogy: everyone knows what a gele looks like, and no one would think mammy if she was wearing one, because it's a different look.

  • Agbeke says:

    I think people are getting really worked up for no reason. First of all no one said that this style was something you'd wear out to an event like you would a gele…they're obviously on two different levels and no one was trying to say that they weren't. I think they were just trying to say that all the negativity is unnecessary and a little close minded. You don't like it? Sure, but do you need to compare someone to a mammy? Be a little less hurtful.

    It's a fashion choice similar to ripped jeans or high waisted shorts. You take something familiar and retool it in a stylish way. It's chic and unique depending on the fabric you use and the clothes you wear with it and how you style the front of your hair. It's just one piece of a whole outfit. Sure it could be remniscent of Aunt Jemima just like moccasins are remniscent of Native Americans. Big deal. It's still cute.

    And just a correction. A gele is a unique Nigerian look. Specifically from the Yoruba ethnic group. Africa as a whole doesn't wear one look though other countries may have an equivalent accessory. And it's on a whole other level completely. That's like comparing a cute pair of flats with your freakum heels.

    Anyway, I think it's an awesome protective style alternative to a hat and the fabric Jamila is wearing is beautiful 🙂

  • Yam716 says:

    Sheikha Mozah Al-Missned–This woman wears some bad hair wraps! She wears them effortless and beautifully! I need Youtube video for that! Due to her religion, I believe she is required to cover her hair but she does it in the most chic way!

  • Anonymous says:

    @ everyone saying 'Americans are so stupid head wraps are worn globally etc'—Many of us posting are in North America and guess what, no one is going to look at that first video and think ah, this image evokes the stylings of Indian/South American/African/New Zealand etc' We're in America and have primarily N. American cultural references, and the most immediate image of a any woman wearing a scarf that PARTICULAR way is Mammy (google Gone With the Wind) and the old Aunt Jemima illustrations-NOT Rosie the Riveter. People in other countries/cultures use their references, we use ours. Plus, she said it takes "about 2 seconds to do" and that's exactly what it looks like. Do women in other countries wear this particular style for fashion, or more utilitarian reasons? Head wraps indicate your status in other cultures, does anyone know what this one means? Or are you just defending something that would be considered low class everywhere else as well?

    Everyone has their opinions, it does not mean they lack culture. No one would think mammy if she wrapped fabric in a beautiful gele, since everyone knows that's a unique African look. I commented earlier and there are plenty of head wrap styles that are more elaborate and creative. I'm in Brooklyn and have seen plenty modified Erykah Badu African inspired turbans that are fly as hell. Thinking that one style looks unsophisticated does not make me uneducated nor stupid. Do women/girls in other countries like American styles just because it's global? But just ask yourself if you would wrap your head like that first one and go to a event here in the States, trust it's not just Black Americans who think that style looks a certain way. Being what you think is pc is one thing, applying what you preach is another.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is beyond pathetic, this just furthers the worlds stereotypes of black America being uneducated and how they lack culture maybe you should try leaving the states so many women around the world use head wraps on a daily basis.

  • Unknown says:

    I really liked the ones in the second video. I may have to try to experiment with some of these. I've only ever done the one where you have like the big donut in the back. The first video I didn't care for as much because it looked like my bed time scarf tie method. My only other problem is my ears. I can't have something covering over my ears or else they start to hurt. I always have to pull them out. :/

  • Annie L. says:

    Aunt Jemima? Mammy? Some of you are either too young, or too provincial to realize that this scarf style resurrects Rosie the Riveter – a White American image – among countless others throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Asia, Africa and even Europe. Google the images, I swear you'll find them. i think they're cute, I've seen several variations on people over the years.

  • Anonymous says:

    i dont like this either u wear that crap to bed and thats it

  • Amanhecer says:

    Wow, your first thought is of a mammy?! My goodness, that's mildly insulting but mostly ridiculous.
    Headscarves have been worn for centuries by ladies (and men) all over–mainly Africa, Latin America, and South/SE Asia. Geles, specifically, are beautiful and regal and worn with pride!
    Sure, not everyone can pull the look off or even like it enough to bother trying. Nothing wrong with that. But let's be clear, this style has lasted and will outlast even you 🙂 Our First Lady is likely intelligent enough to understand and appreciate this particular fashion.

  • Alex says:

    Well, I like them. With the right fabric and outfit, these look cute. So much hating going on in this post. College Curlies is one of my favorite sites too.

  • sblazer227 says:

    I like some of the styles and some im not really feeling. As the lady said in the second video, each head wrap is different. As an african women headwraps are so deep in our culture that everyone knows how to do them and never once does the image of aunt jemima or a housekeeper come to mind.

  • Anonymous says:

    what are you guys rambling about? If this takes you to a place of feeling like you are an aunt jemima then stay away…if someone wants to rock it let them. I guess it doesn't matter that the girl is a smart, college student because once she has on the scarf, she takes us all back 50 years!!! sheesh…

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously? A broom, a pancake box and a few other props don't make this a hairstyle at all. This is classic housekeeper. We are too fly and fabulous for this remake on Aunt Jemima. Michele Obama would cringe at this.

  • bonni says:

    I love this style, but I don't have the swag to rock it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not feeling this one. It looks like they are about ready for bed and it reminds me of Aunt Jemima's scarf.

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