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Curly Nikki

Updates- Tangle Teezer and Watermelon Seed Oil

By January 27th, 2021117 Comments
Updates- Tangle Teezer and Watermelon Seed OilUsual bun- hair gathered, pulled through a Goody Ouchless Band once, and only halfway through the second time. No donut.

Hola Chicas!

I’m sad to report that I just completed an impromptu trimming session. My ends were jacked… splits everywhere that seemed to crop up overnight. A HUGE setback for me so early in the Grow Out Challenge, but such is life. So what caused the dreadful little buggers? I can’t be a hundred percent, but I’m assuming it’s from my (perhaps excessive) Tangle Teezer usage. It’s the only addition to my fairly stable routine. I did a review mid January, but shared that I would report back after continued use.

So yeah, I’m shelfing it, at least for now. And how fricking sad is that?! Nothing I’ve used, NOTHING has detangled my curls so quickly and effortlessly. The Tangle Teezer cut my styling time in half and didn’t break my strands or pull out excessive amounts of hair. *Love* But my ends, oh my poor ends! They looked the same as they did after being introduced to Shredder (aka Denman D3). When examining them today, it seemed as if every single strand was split. Mostly just the tips… like the beginnings of splits, but some had that feathering thing going on. They were like, ‘uh uh boo boo… back away from the Tangle Teezer‘. I snipped and snipped and snipped and snipped… moisturized, and sealed with Watermelon Seed oil.

I’m a huge fan of the Tangle Teezer, but it’s no fan of mine. Fine haired curlies beware! I think that if the bristles were smoother like Sally’s Scalp Massager (which I love and it only costs $.69), we’d be in business. But until that happens, I have to say a sorrowful goodbye. For my curls, the Tangle Teezer was just, well, a tease. For those of you that continue to use it, watch your ends closely and assess for damage often!

In other news, I’ve been experimenting with Watermelon (Kalahari) Seed Oil. I was sent a small bottle from Darcy’s Botanicals months ago and was using it on Gia’s skin, hair, and scalp. I’ve started using it on my hair recently, and love how light and non-greasy it is… and I’m very heavy handed! So for those of you that find Olive Oil (and the like) to be a bit much for your curls, give Watermelon Seed Oil a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Info from

Watermelon Seed Oil Properties:

  • Light in Texture
  • Non-Greasy
  • Penetrating
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Highly Moisturizing
  • Emollient
  • Rich in Omega 6 and 9 EFAs
  • Dissolves Sebum Buildup
  • Stable Shelf-Life

Watermelons, known for their resiliency to drought, produce seeds with this same property. Watermelon seed oil, because of its fatty acids, has water soluble properties, penetrates easily and provides good moisturizing benefits. This improves hair growth by keeping the hair and scalp healthy.

So, after yet another trim, I’m back in a bun, moisturized, and oiled :-)

Updates- Tangle Teezer and Watermelon Seed Oil

Later Gators,

Have any other fine haired ladies noticed split ends with continued use of the Tangle Teezer?

Have you tried Watermelon Seed Oil for you hair or skin? What’s your favorite oil right now?


  • Anonymous says:

    WARNING: Beware of the tangle teezer! I just got a trim/hair cut, because I didn't want to accept that this thing was doing more harm than good to my ends. Yes it's a dream to detangle, but a nightmare when you look close at your ends.
    I wasn't using it excessively and I have NEVER had ends that felt that shredded. Were there other factors? Maybe, but why take the chance? Trust me this "hot boy" is not worth the hair risk.
    Speedy recovery to the victims of Hairicane Tangle Teezer.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been using it weekly for about a month and half and I start getting some really bad knots and noticing some breakage and my ends were looking a hot I'm shelfing the TT and looking for something new thats won't burn a hole in my pocket.. :-? disappointed

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn't see this before I posted my own review of the TT on my blog. I had only used it once and it was fishy to me from the start! I'm glad that I shelved it immediately and never looked back. I think I'll take it to my next natural hair meet up and swap it for something better.

  • Anonymous says:

    While hair forums are a great way to share & learn. I think you should make your own opinion about what does or doesn't work for your hair. I use the TT once a week. My hair has never been this detangled. I don't feel like I'm loosing hair but I will say I did have small hairs in the sink at first. I thought this was the hair at the ends of my knots breaking off b/c I had a ton of knots. I don't have a problem w/Knots anymore. And I inspect my ends after every shampoo & they look fine. I will say I am VERY gentle w/my hair & while using the TT in my hair. Thanks for sharing the info. Now I am aware and that is what forums are great for.

  • Naptural Curls says:

    I have very fine, tightly coiled hair. I bought my TT from some company overseas close to two years ago, when it cost $17 + tax and shipping. I hated coming up off that much money for something I considered to be experimental; but I'm glad I did. I absolutely love it! I only use it when my hair is wet and loaded with conditioner. I haven't noticed any damaging effects. It is a dream to use. I'll never be without it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love my modified Denman…will not be purchasing the TT.

  • CC says:

    Oh man, I didn't get the TT yet b/c its sold out all over the ATL. I was really looking forward to some relief de-tangling my daughter's super thick shoulder length hair, it takes 2 hours just to de-tangle!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki, do u think its the tangle teezer or the fact that you now "dry style your hair" as opposed to your old routing of T n C?
    me personlly just got the TT (thanks to your review lol) but i would only use it after the wide tooth comb and paddle brush in the extra thick sections.
    Perhaps the dry styling caused/contributeed to the split ends??

  • Anonymous says:

    I've had the TT for about a month and I absolutely LOVE it!!! No split or frayed ends and detangling is so fast now. I also use it on wet hair with conditioner.

  • Accountable to God says:

    I"ve used this about 3 times and each time I noticed short hairs in the brush, and I don't have fine hair, it's fairly thick. I because suscpious and decided to see if others were experienced broken hair, and have found some reviews like that. It seemed to be snapping off my ends? I just did a huge trim an decided I'm done. It's a really great tool, but it's not worth the damage. I'm done.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ohh No! My detangle time was sooo fast :( I got a trim and saw the splits again. I just figured it was a bad trim. Denial, not just a river.

  • Anonymous says:

    I used the tangle teezer twice (once a week for two weeks). My ends that were perfectly trimmed before using it, ended up completely shredded. I even had splits in the middle of my hair strands! I had breakage (broken strands) all around my head. I am so sad about it. My hair was growing out so nicely too :-(

  • Anonymous says:

    This is interesting. A curly told me about this post. I will say this…as long as I keep my protein treatments in my regiment I don't have a problem with split ends; however, I was beginning to have issues with SSK and since I've been using the Tangle Teezer "Knots Be Gone!! I'm serious. I use it on damp hair and I don't have the brillo pad effect, and I don't have that much hair loss at all. I will check my ends, and if I see a difference I will be sure to update my review in my CS thread!! Interesting…


  • Unknown says:

    I love the TT and it loves my hair and my daughter's. Sorry this happened to you Ms.Nikki…but it gets rave reviews in our house! :)

  • ♥ Halicakes ♥ says:

    Awwww, I am sowwie that the TT did that to your hair, Nicki.

    It just goes to show what one head of hair likes, another doesn't. =(

    I love my TT, been using it for about almost 3 months now, I think. Godsend for me. I have WAY less breakage and all it does is collect my shed hairs. Which is nothing compared to the ripping out I got from my wide tooth comb. :(

    But I will be on the look out though. =)

  • Blondie says:

    Sorry to hear about your ends! I've been using mine for about 7 months with no problems. But I only use it about 2x a month to remove excess hair after I detangle with my Ouidad Double detangler. My hair also loves Denman's and isn't fine..maybe that's it.
    As for oils..pomegranate seed oil!!!!

  • Dya. says:

    I love the tangle teezer. It doesn't take out nearly as much hair as the denman brush did. It does an excellent job of detangling. I also seem to have less single strand knots.
    No two heads are the same though. :]

  • Anonymous says:

    Someone asked about grape seed oil. I buy mine from the Vitamin Shoppe chain. It's been pretty easy to find on the ground.

  • Peachtree says:

    Wow… so sorry that the TT chewed up your ends. That tool simply looked scary to me…

  • OrganicBloom says:

    Sorry for the set-back but it sounds like you caught it right away and handled business-that part is great! I had the tangle teezer on my list to buy-and my hair is fine to medium and had been frayed by many a brush on my natural hair learning curve. I'm sorry you found it damaging and also very glad for your feedback.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki has beautiful hair, sorry for any type of setback experienced. I love my TT, no splits, no fraying after a month of usage. First time I used it on dry hair, did't like the sound so spritzed with water…no problem. I only use it post shampoo when my hair is wet and has leave-in. My ends, shafts of hair are fine.

  • Anonymous says:

    I got the TT after reading Nikki's first review and am still using it. I have type 4 hair that was breaking. This is the only product that detangled my hair and cut down on single strand knots. I haven't noticed any change in my ends, but I'll keep an eye on that.

    I've learned a lot about natural hair from this site and trying the tools and techniques I've seen here. Some worked, others didn't, but I'm glad I tried them all, no regrets here! If Nikki's reviewed it, most likely I've tried it. I take what works and leave what doesn't and my hair looks FABULOUS.

  • Cholena Dyani says:

    I had a weird feeling that the Tangle Teezer was doing to my hair what the Denman did to it, left it with splits all throughout the shaft and multiple splits on the ends. So, I started looking for reviews to see if the Tangle Teezer was doing this to anyone…I do a search today and see this post! I checked my hair today and was horrified at what I found! Multiple splits on single strands and major breakage!!!!! I knew I should have trusted my gut. Now I have to figure out how to get my hair back into shape without chopping it all off :.( I had no idea that my hair was that fragile, but I should have known! Even though the teeth on the Teezer is more flexible than the Denman, the teeth are the same thus doing the same damage to my poor strands. I'm not saying it will have the same affect on everyone's hair, but beware!!! And I did not abuse it. I only used it on wash days to detangle with conditioner in my hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Avacado oil, Grapeseed oil, Watermelon oil, Fish Oil…

    Where are yall getting all these oils from and does anyone know where I can purchase banana oil?

  • Anonymous says:

    The articles on spit ends and trimming were VERY helpful. Thank you, ladies!

  • JazBNatural says:

    "So my question is: Does anyone know why breakage/spit ends occur even when you take care of your hair?"

    Anonymous, thinning ends also just occur the longer your hair gets. And even if you do take care of your hair, it gets damaged from combing and maniplating. heres a complete article about it:

    And Nikki, do you think you could have also gotten split ends from dry detangling so much? and with such a close-together tool? i could never dry detangle my hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    There's a place right here in the U.S. that sale quite a bit and more that Anita Grant sells. Their website is: What I like is that the have a detailed descrition on the butters, oils, herbs, etc. and that gives you an idea on what you can do. They have a wonderful butter that I love on my lips (Coffee Butter), nice size for $2.xx!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm glad that Sally's was out in Nashville. I'm a huge fan of the very light avocado and almond oil by Now. My skin loves both

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the update! I was contemplating this product for a while!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hands down….SUNFLOWER OIL!

    I am a curly girl with oily, acne prone skin and though my hair LOVED shea butter, my skin did not. Sunflower oil is a Com 0 of 5 on the comedogenic scale…ZERO. Can't get better than that. My skin has completely cleared since switching to this oil for sealing.

    Those curlies with problem skin should try sunflower oil.


  • Annie Gracie says:

    I KNEW IT! I knew there was a reason why I refused to get this product! YAY ME! LOL J/K

  • NtrlGAGrl says:

    WTHeck is up with calling people lemmings? Viva voce (word of mouth) is how good & bad news is spread, regardless of the type of news that is. If someone chooses not to "jump off a bridge" because someone says that jumping off a bridge didn't work for them, that is simply personal choice to heed a warning.

    Coming to someone's "house" to be negative is rude & miserable and says much about you, anonymous commenter. Does that make you feel good? If it ain't your bag, move on.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think people are acting as lemmings. I just think they want to be extra cautious. We take so much time to get our hair to that “perfect point” and to have it ruined by a $10 tool can be devastating. Yeah, hair grows back but if you can avoid this trauma by taking someone else’s warning, I understand. If your current hair regimen works and is only time consuming, would you try to cut the time in half knowing there was a risk of damaging what you have worked so hard to achieve?

    Fashion Curls

  • Yasmine says:

    Just because it doesn't work for Curlynikki, doesn't mean that it won't work for your head. Each person and their technique is different, and to say that you won't use it is sad. Yes it's good to listen to both good and bad comments, but you have to decide what works for you at the end of the day. Also if you have really soft fine hair definitely don't go hardcore on the pulling and detangling of the hair. Be gentle and make sure to have it wet with conditioner, and I think it's better to do it on semi wet to soaking wet hair.

  • mangomadness says:

    Split ends and some amount of breakage are inevetable. All one can do to lessen the occurance of split ends and breakage is make their routine as low manipulation as possible and handle their hair gently. Check this out: (

    Also thin ends do not necessarily mean that a trim is needed. Thin ends are often the result of the natural taper of hair as it grows out to longer lengths. Check out these articles:

  • latasha says:

    Can you use watermelon seed oil as a sealant? i have no come to realize that i need to seal my ends, they are starting to look scraggly and since my hair is growing (6mos post bc), I can really see the scraggly ends.

  • Dania says:

    This happened to me as well. I recently gave myself a trim and less than two weeks later my hair looked worse than it's ever had. My ends were shredded. Very very disappointing. I deep conditioned and will probably trim sometime soon. Booo!

  • AishaSaidIt says:

    The Tangle Teazer is a favorite in my house. It's fast and there is WAY less hair left behind. I'm still a fan.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with anonymous @9:15am…totally lemmings.
    If someone with super long hair uses the Tangle Teezer and grows a lot more hair, they'll all go buy it again.
    If someone with long hair says that she only detangles under the full moon, they'll do that too.
    Clearly, if something doesn't work for you, then you can move on, but it's crazy how much stock people will put in someone else's experience or regimen. I don't get people who haven't even tried it returning it, or people who can't be sure that it's causing a problem deciding to throw it away.
    And yet, that is only true when it is really complicated. No one ever believes that regular shampoo, a regular comb, and hair grease ever works.

  • Anonymous says:

    In my opinion, I think it might be the way the TT is being used. God knows that my hair though 4b/4c is very fine it snaps if I look at it too hard : ) I only use my TT after washing with lots of conditioner and water and I use the TT very gently, anything can yank your hair out or rough it up if used to harshly. Despite the claims I would never use any tools like this on dry hair, but then I would never detangle dry curly hair under any circumstances. Just my opinion.

  • Al says:

    I tried the TT and I was unimpressed. Then after I kept reading all the raves on the blogs I used it yet again to "give it a fair shot." (used a total of 3 times) I too trimmed b/f using it and I have been noticing that my ends are looking a little frayed again. I had already decided Sunday that I wouldn't be using this again. Glad to hear it isn't just me.

  • am says:

    All I know is you take a great behind the neck pose…its beautiful….You could be a behind the neck model..llove the angle of your head, it seems so elegant….no more, lest you think I'm crazy..(I'm not!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Remember Nikki has very fine hair. I use my TT only once a week and my hair is doing great. I have had mine for over a month and I have no split ends. I will continue to use it. LOVE IT!

  • Jessica says:

    So far so good for me with the Tangle Teezer!! Although I don't use it any more than I did with my other detangling methods. i.e. Once every 1 or 2 weeks and NEVER on dry hair!!! ( I have 4c)
    I also use it with conditioner laden hair, as I did with my wide tooth comb. So I haven't had any problems just yet!
    But I will definitely keep an eye out.

    Thanks Nikki!

  • Chelsea says:

    Are the split ends coming from execessive use of the tangle teezer or just using the tangle teezer? I just got a tangle teezer and I haven't used it yet but I am so glad I read this post first!

  • Anonymous says:

    PS- I always thought breakage and splitting occurred with heat damage or being extremely rough.

  • Anonymous says:

    No, I have never used the tangle teaser but I am intrigued by your article.

    I've been on a mission lately to understand what causes split ends/breakage/thin ends for women with 'virgin' natural hair that use healthy ingredients and follow a delicate routine…

    I don't know if I have split ends or not because I haven't straightened my hair (or applied any heat for that matter) in a year.

    There is a popular you-tuber (kimmaytube) who has very long "waste length" hair, but her ends are very thin. Is that breakage? I'm just confused because she clearly takes care of her hair…her routine seems delicate, she keeps her hair protected, she uses good products, and her "PH balanced" game is on point!

    Still, her ends are thin.

    She once said in a video that she doesn't need to trim her ends because she takes care of her hair, etc. Her reasoning makes sense to me, but her ends still look like they need to be trimmed.

    So my question is: Does anyone know why breakage/spit ends occur even when you take care of your hair?

  • Tawanna says:

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one who had problems with the TT. I thought I was crazy since there were soooo many rave reviews. I tried it on wet and dry hair and still had a lot of breakage at the ends of my hair a half inch to an inch long. I was noticing more splits and everything, so just like the Denman, I had to put the TT down. Which is REALLY a shame because it did do a good job of detangling my hair. Oh well, live and learn.

  • Anonymous says:

    It's sorta funny to see how QUICKLY people jump on and off bandwagons. One person says it's great and droves run out to buy it. One person says it's not so great and droves jump off or decide not to try. A picture of lemmings is coming to mind. LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    and i almost bought one based on the recommendation on here

    thank you for revising your review

  • stephanie says:

    Awwww sorry about the TT and your ends! Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure to focus on the ends of the hair while using it.

  • Unknown says:

    Awww, this makes me sad and scared. I called myself waiting instead of jumping on every boat that comes by. I just ordered this online from Amazon for $15 (including shipping) since it was sold out locally. :( If only I had "waited" a couple more days, I wouldn't have bought it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Awww :-( after many searches for it at Sally's in my city turned up empty I ordered it directly from the company at a WHOPPING $20 (international rates), now I am afraid to use it, I really don't want to have to do a 3rd bc!!-Melinda

  • Dolores says:

    By the way, the instructions are 10 pages. (Dovetailing on anon @ 6:59 am)

  • Anonymous says:

    Why would someone be so defensive about a product? If it works for some, I think that is great. If it doesn't work for other types of hair, people should know. The ways some have been so on the defense, you would think they were getting money from the company. I have used the tt just the way the instructions called for. It didn't work for me. The end.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update Nik, I also have very fine hair so it's nice to get an honest and long-term review from someone with a similar hair type.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think its kind of rude that some people are assuming that just because others had bad experiences with the TT they must have used it the 'wrong' way. For whatever reason some hair styling tools just work better than others for different people- thats life. Should we hence assume that all people who had bad results with denman were using it 'wrong'? Clearly different methods have been utilised with the TT but despite this it hasn't worked for everyone. We all have completely different heads of hair so this should at least be taken into account. Just sayin'.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it was HOW the tangle teezer was being used. I've had great success with it, however, I would NEVER EVER use it on dry hair. I only use it on damp, moisturized hair with oil. It doesn't surprise me that one would get splits when using it on dry hair. DUH!!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE PEOPLE, FIND OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND STOP TAKING OTHER PEOPLE'S EXPERIENCES AS GOSPEL!!!

  • luvmylocs says:

    as great as i thought the tangle teezer was i only use it once ever 7-10 days when i do my hair, no more. i do a small section and go through that section then twist. my hair is damp and has conditioner in it when i do it. so far, so good. anything that's excessive could cause breakage. i agree the denman did not work at all for me but so far this seems to help. during the week on my dry hair i use my fingers to detangle, apply product and retwist. this program seems to work for me. just sharing with the girls that might still be considering a tangle teezer but aren't so sure. i have for sure kinky hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Almost went there..alllmost. Thanks Nikkie!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Denman brushes ruined my ends after a couple months. This is why I didn't feel the need to try the TT. I'm good with finger detangling–my hair is better off for it.

  • Unknown says:

    Hellarious that you called the Denman "the shredder" loll, i chuckled hard when I saw that! I thought about giving the tangle teaser a try, but after your review, i might just chill on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I ran out and bought the TT after so many raved on another forum that the thing was gliding through their hair like butter. Well it went through my hair like sand paper on a rock :( I am 7 months post now and I lost so many hairs. I noticed that some other transitioners had problems as well. Others implied that people having problems with it probably weren't using it right. I will stick with my tried and true: fingers, wide tooth comb and patience!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update!

    I've been using the TT since early January but only on soaking wet hair that is laden with slippery conditioner. My fine 4a/b strands start to break off if I even THINK of combing or brushing them while dry so I don't even venture down that dusty road.

    I have to admit, I was alarmed when you posted that you were using it on your strands dry. I'm wondering: Do you think that had anything to do with the damage?

    I'm keeping a close eye on my ends to see if I experience damage as well.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your setback – your hair is still gorgeous and I'm sure it'll make a speedy recovery.

  • says:

    @honeybrown1976 I'm not sure about Nikki but I used it once a week with lots of conditioner. And I had a trim before I started using it. A few weeks later I had split and shredded ends. :-(

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    Were you using it every day? That makes sense that you were getting splits if you're manipulating it every day. Also, you are still postnatal so the splits can be a result of that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually went to sally's 3 times to buy a tangle teezer. The first time I tried to check out and the lady was on the phone holding a very "not work related" conversation. so i put it down and left. the second time I went they were supposed to open at 9 and I left at 920 out of frustration because they were not there. 3rd time is a charm right? NOPE…They were SOLD OUT! So I bought the $.69 Sally's version and left and I absolutely LOVE IT! So maybe it worked out for the best!

  • Anonymous says:

    oh no! It's still playing nice with me. I'll be vigilant though!

  • MelMelBee says:

    In the words of Martin…………"DAMN……………DAMN……………….DAMN". Naw Nikki Naw!!!!!!!!!!! Not split ends :( I will admit that I too started to notice some splits, but trimmed them and prayed it was not the Tangle Teezer! Now that I've snipped most of them, I'll continue to use "my little miracle" and see if they continue to split. If so, I'll have to put mine on the shelf too. This is a sad moment in curly world!

  • Channing says:

    Ugh I noticed that too and I thought it was just in my head, I'd done a very extensive S&D before stubling on the tangle teezer so I was wondering what was up…I reeeeally don't want that to be true b/c I LOVE my TT!! Its been the best detangling tool I've ever owned and I don't wanna give it up! I can't! I won't!

    I'm going to continue to use it since I can't be sure yet that it's had an adversre effect on my hair and the benefits at this point are too great, but I will be paying better attention just in case

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm keeping an eye out, but so far so good here too. It sounds like if your hair hated the denman, your hair will hate the tangle teezer. My hair loved my denman, and adores the Tangle Teezer.

  • Natural-ness (LV) says:

    I've been using it and so far so good. Thanks for the heads up, I will be sure to keep an eye out for split ends. I don't have fine hair, so we'll see what it does to coarse hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't believe it was the TT that gave you split ends, just my opinion.

  • coilyheadchick says:

    I love the Tangle Teezer! it works wonders for my hair..

  • The Melanista says:

    Wow! I was about to order one last week after all the rave reviews. I just got a good trim a week ago. I saw several reviews on YT and I really didn't like the sound of the TT when detangling. It sounded kinda rough to me; similar to the Denman. My strands are not fine, but not course. I have a happy medium. Detangling is a challenge, but I don't dread it. My hair detangles pretty well with my EVOO/Coconut oil prepoo. I'm a fan of grapeseed oil! Especially for my skin. For hair my loves jojoba oil, too.

  • Annie L. says:

    @Anonyous 6.48, thank you, I saw Hairrogant's site a few months ago, they just don't stock the full range of Anita Grant products :( so instead of splitting orders I just go straight to the source.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aww man, I just bought it after debating for weeks whether or not to! Haven't used it yet, time to return.

  • texture me natural says:

    Sorry about your experience with the Tangle Teezer Nikki. I haven't had a chance to try it but since I am 4 months post relaxer it probably wouldn't be such a good idea since relaxed hair is fragile enough in it's wet state.
    I like Terressentials as well. It's a nice product and you don't have to use that much of the product. I, like Cynthia (February 23, 2011 7:44PM), was introduced to Terressentials by DearNaptural85 (Naptural85) -she has two You Tube pages – and she really likes it. I think that's the only shampoo she uses on her hair. I really enjoy her pages and I love her hair. It's so thick.

  • Anonymous says:

    You saved me 10 dollars! Thanks Nikki!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I am so not looking forward to returning to the long and tedious task of detangling with my Ouidad Double Detangler. It's effective but my hair is not as smooth afterward.

  • Anonymous says:

    That tangle teezer looked like nothing but trouble to me, and have stayed away. It appears far too similar of a concept as the Denman brush which shredded my hair. I am glad that you posted your update on this tool so others will hopefully be spared the damage.
    Wide tooth comb is IT for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    WOW!! So it iiiisss the TT! I noticed my ends were looking a mess after using this about once a week (for 2 months). I guess I'm going back to my long but safe routine.

  • Cynthia says:

    Nikki, you can find more info in Terressentials hair wash at the website, It's a USDA certified organic hair wash made of bentonite clay extracts and essential oils. I happened onto the information on YouTube (Naptural85). The detangling is amazing and I only need a small amount of conditioner (OH Hair Dew) with oil sealing. I had a lot of problems with leave-ins to detangle as there was too much product build-up. I'd recommend a try – lavender garden or left coast lemon "flavors" – they do have 2 oz sizes. Well worth the shipping costs.

  • Brooklyn Curls says:

    That scares me, I've used it twice already this week, lol. It makes my hair feel so smooth, but I don't want split ends! I just got it last week. :-(

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I was using it once a week… twice if I had plans and wanted to wear my hair out.

  • Anonymous says:

    used the tangle teezer often, I mean.

  • Anonymous says:

    when you guys say you used it often, how often is that?

  • Anonymous says:

    Ya'll I got caught up in the frenzy and ran out and bought the tangle teaser myself. I tried it on a very small section of hair and I just didn't like what was going on. Sounded like velcro and I know that couldn't have been good.
    So it's back in its box, waiting to be returned to Sallys!

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair loves coconut oil and coconut oil based products. I can use it on my hair and it soaks it right up.
    I have tried a variety of brands. There are some great smelling ones out there, as well as the basic natural one. It also great for many other things- cooking and skin.

    Other oils I have tried:

    Argan oil
    Macadamia Nut oil
    Kukui nut oil
    Avocado oil
    Jojoba oil
    Olive oil
    Sweet almond oil
    Neem oil (this stuff smells bad)
    Apricot kernel oil
    Grapeseed oil

    I often use a combination of these (a splash of 3-4 of them mixed in with conditioner) for my DC treatments. I'm rinsing afterwards, so I get the benefits without the greasy look.

    I have never used Watermelon seed oil, but it sounds like a winner. May have to add it to my collection!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh wow, this is not good news! I have debated and ultimately avoided the Denman because I never liked the look of that thing. But, I did get the TT and have been using it once a week on my wash days for my pre-poo and distribution of products for styling. I have fine hair too and I just got a "trim" that was more like a cut too! I might have to shelve it and warn my sister too! She may have just picked one up based upon my recommendation!!


  • Chicago Chica says:


    I'm sorry to hear about the split ends! Thank you for posting your experience because I was on my way to Sally's tomorrow to see if it was in. They've been sold out for two weeks. Also, the women in my natural hair meet-up are on the hunt for the teezer as well. I'll stick with my fingers!

    Hmm, I'm going to have to check into this watermelon oil. Living in the desert, I'm always on the look out for moisturizing products!

  • Miss-A-pointed says:

    I've never used the TT or Watermelon seed oil, but here is a site that has AMAZING oils, butters, etc, for equally amazing prices:

    They have so much stuff it can almost be overwhelming, but the oils (they have them all: olive, coconut, grapeseed), butters, and essential oils are the BUSINESS. Seriously ladies, give it a shot. Try some soy butter whipped with coconut oil for pre-pooing. You can get a pound of the stuff for $4.50. I promise you'll be a believer!!!

  • TheRYL1 says:

    Nikki–I, too, had to cut back on my Tangle Teezer usage! Sad face and all that because I GUSHED about the dang thang…LOL.

    I find it's best for me when detangling during a shower…no more oil-only detangling with it.

    I couldn't put my finger on the problem, I just knew something wasn't right. ;-) And like you said, it was the only new addition to my routine.

    Oh well…wide tooth comb…I'm baaaack!

  • Dolores says:

    What happened to all the people who raved about the TT? When it was first reviewed, I was one of very few people who disapproved of the product. The teeth are very sharp, and I noticed small hairs in the brush after I used it once. I have both fine and coarse strands, but I would caution anyone who cares about breakage to avoid this product.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been using the Tangle Teezer and it's working fine for me. You did mention that you used it excessively so that's probably the problem. I use it once a week, since I don't regularly comb my hair, and this causes less breakage for me. No matter what tool you use, if you use it too often, it can become a problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Annie L. and @ Kristen…Anita Grant products can also be bought in the states from

  • zoerabbit says:

    I have very fine hair too and have been using the TT for about a month. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because I have very few splits and the knots have practically disappeared (which was my main concern). I'm very careful about how I use it by brushing very gently. It's been a godsend to me. The Terressentials Hair Wash is a wonder! It has replaced my shampoo bar.

  • Joy says:

    I bought one after reading your first review and love it. It detangles great, and I lose little hair in the process. No brekage, no splits yet, but I'll keep watching for that. I'm going to keep using it for now. Thanks for the honest review! I always appreciate that!

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent review Nikki! My hair seems to be doing fine with the TT. But I'll keep a closer eye on my ends.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I'm a big fan of Grapeseed oil too! But I swear, if you love grapeseed, you'll flip for Watermelon seed oil… this stuff is amazing!

  • Tasha says:

    OK. I'm gonna need to see some positive reviews. My husband just ordered it online for me since it was sold out at Sally's. I haven't used it yet because I'm wearing twists…but since they are minitwistS I'm was looking forward to using it for the takedown. NOW I'M SCARED!! YIKES :-/

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the honest review Nikki. You saved me the headache of looking for it in Sallys.
    @ Emma I also called the Sallys in Levittown and Lynbrook and they were sold out as well. I thought about getting it on line, but Nikki's review and JC's as well sealed the deal.

    Right now I am loving grape seed oil. I purchased it at Queens Health Emporium (Horace Harding expressway Queens NY). I was tempted to pick up apricot oil, but had to curb the pj.

    Greetings from NY

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the updates Nik. Really appreciate your candor. Keep up the good workd and I'm sure your hair will grow back in no time!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh the exact same thing happened to me and I have thick, coarse hair. Like ericabritt14 I freshly trimmed my hair then used the TT and within a couple of weeks my ends were wrecked. I had to trim again :(( I found that even my modified denman never did this to my ends. I had even bought two TTs (one regular, the other travel size) lol, so confident was I with the reviews. It didn't even detangle my hair very well and left loads of shed hairs behind tangling up my hair further.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    What is this Terressentials Hair Wash you speak of?!

    No prob ladies! Hope my experience will prevent you from going through the same thing! But oh… it detangles so well!!!

  • Emma says:

    I too went to get the TT at Sallys on stewart av in Garden city long island and they were out. I bought it online and after 1 use, I had to deep treat with Alter Ego Garlic oil. I went into brillo world and haven't fully recovered.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also have fine hair and only used the tangle teezer a couple of times. Although it did detangle well, it seemed too rough and I saw small hairs in the sink (sigh). I went back to my Ouidad double detangler and won't consider any brush -no matter the hype. Terressentials hair wash has solved my detangling problems! Will definitely look into the watermelon seed oil, though.

  • Curlock Holmes says:

    I've been looking for a review from someone with fine, easily damaged hair– everywhere I turn people are raving about the TT, but a lot of those people love the Denman as well, so I was skeptical. I'm glad you shared your experience, because I believe my hair is more fragile than yours, so if you got split ends, I would probably end up bald!

  • says:

    Hey Nikki! I shelved the tangle teezer a few weeks ago. I gave myself a good trim before I started using it. I used it for a couple of weeks and was in love just like you. Then when I looked at my ends they were ripped, split, shredded, diced, and smothered. lol My love affair with the tangle teezer has come to an end. WOMP! :-(
    PS. I have very fine hair was well.

  • Annie L. says:


    yes, It's odorless but don't you know I expected it to smell like watermelon? Lol!
    I like Anita's site b/c of her sustainability ethic, unique holistic approach and grotesque amount of useful, natural/organic information and b/c she's a sister. But I do bulk orders of her herbals and other products to lower shipping because she is in the UK :(

  • sarah says:

    grapeseed oil is about as light as watermelon oil. but, i use coconut, castor, and avocado oil to seal. LOVE avocado oil!

  • Kristen says:

    Is Anita Grant a website? Where can u get this watermelom seed oil? I never even heard of that one. Does it smell like water melon or is it odorless?

  • Naturally Nita says:

    Nikki – I'm so sorry to hear about the split ends! Since I'm determined not to become a PJ I limit myself to 2 new items a month and by the time I was ready to get the TT they were sold out in all Sally's in the Ral/Dur area. (Trust I called.) I guess it was a blessing in disguise. :(

  • Rayna says:


    Thank you so much for your updated review of the Tangle Teezer. I have one on hold at Sally's and have been debating on picking up. Although I am at the TWA stage with thicker hair, my routine is pretty sound (most days) and I don't want to find myself in a predicament later.

    Thus, I will continue what I have been doing…slow and steady.

    Thanks again.

  • Annie L. says:

    I get my watermelon seed oil from Anita Grant and LOVE it!

    About the tangle teezer, I commented during an earlier review, personally I thought it was another Bieber-fad-like frenzy item that looks like a denman. My fingers are the only tool I'm using to detangle my hair after years of trial and error. Hoping you have a speedy hair recovery!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Kimmie, the Sally's near me is sold out too! Craziness!

    It gives some shine… but not like the heavier oils. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm not an oil girl, but I'm loving this one.

  • Kimmie0810 says:

    Lord have mercy! So many people were running out buying that Tangle Teezer that I was reading Sally's was selling out. I wonder how many others will get the splits. For once my weird hair saved me b/c I have no use for the TT. I have fine hair too so that could have been a disaster!

    I'm going to check out the watermelon oil. I need oil, but a light, non-greasy one. Does it give a lot of shine?

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