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Curly Nikki

A Welcome From Kim Coles!

By January 27th, 202120 Comments

A Welcome From Kim Coles!
Hello to all the Curly Girls!!!

Let me introduce you to my fabulous new coils! Now let me tell you the story of how I came to the decision to release them to the world.

What this new look is really all about is a personal journey. I want to show the outer manifestation of the inner work that I have been doing. I am letting go of a lot of things that don’t serve me anymore and hair that doesn’t grow from my head is just a beginning.

My hair has been in micro-braids with human hair extensions since 1991. Prior to that, I had weaves and prior to that, relaxer since before High School. Prior to that… well, I have no memory of what my hair even looked like. When I realized that I hadn’t seen my OWN hair in over 30+ years, I knew that I had to make a change. So before my 49th birthday, I got to choppin’! I was scared partly because I did not know what to expect or what products to use. Then, YOU TUBE changed my life forever. There were amazing videos that gave me the courage and the product knowledge to take the leap to become completely authentic… minus color of course. No, I ain’t rockin’ gray and kinky at the same time!

Then, I found and CurlyNikki and I was HOME! I’m learning so much to help me embrace my hair and I’m excited!

You see, as a little girl, I always wanted long, luxurious, bouncy hair just like the girls in magazines and shampoo commercials. Well, I never thought that my hair could do that, so I made it happen artificially. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but now, what I will focus on is growing my OWN healthy, luxurious, bouncy hair. Well… actually my hair is more springy than bouncy but that’s close enough! So, that is what this challenge is all about, getting the know-how and sharing and encouraging each other along the way. I’m still learning and I will share videos and blog posts about what is happening and I look forward to playing with all of you!

Thanks to Nikki for inviting me help co-host this fabulous party. Now, LET’S GET GROWIN’!!


For more info on the Grow-Out Challenge, click here!

**To accept the challenge and Grow-Out with Kim, click here!**

To keep up with Kim, check out her site!


  • The Sweet Natural One says:

    I accept the challenge.

  • Ima says:

    You look happier with a beautiful free-spirited glow, I must say this love of self movement that seem to be on the rise is very uplifting & makes me feel so proud to be apart of it. the fact that we are all doing it together is what I love about it most.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes' love it, about time celebrity set better example & become great role models for our youth…thank you Kim…much respect, I love the way the real u look & did you say 49. All I can say is you go girl!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your hair looks FAB! Glad you decided to go natural it's such a wonderful and rewarding experience!

  • Anonymous says:

    Has anyone actually tried the Jessicurl products?

  • Anonymous says:

    Welcome Kim! You look beautiful!

  • kimcoles says:

    I am so grateful for the lovely comments and whoever said that I look something has been lifted from my spirit, can I say WOW! You are soooooo right!
    This is a time of great personal transformation and I am ready to GROW in ALL areas. Hair included!
    So glad that we will have each other!
    Stay Beautiful Ladies!!!

  • Bobbie says:

    I love it!
    This embracing yourself movement is spreading like a pandemic. This is beautiful.

    I'll be watching from the side line and cheering everyone who is participating to this challenge.

    Kim looks absolutely great!

  • Jennylove says:

    Kim you look great! It is a good feeling to have control of the hair God gave us and appreciate it.You are a great inspiration to all of us!

    By Jennifer Swift

  • Anonymous says:

    Kim, you look great! Simply marvelous. You look younger and lighter (like something has been lifted from your spirit)! I am so happy for you for being brave and courageous enough to embark on this journey. You are hilarious and I cannot wait to hear your comments as we go through the GOC. Nikki, you should get Kim and Wanda
    together for a panel discussion on the wonders of growing natural hair. Now, THAT would be entertaining!

  • Anonymous says:

    Girl, you are so beautiful and FUNNY!! Keep doing what you do, girl! I love it that black women are just choppin' off those perms and getting HOTTA and HOTTA.

  • Kristen aka Misskris on CN says:

    Kim Coles!!! I am SOOOOO glad you have gone natural and got rid of the micros!!! LOL Your NATURAL hair is beautiful!!! :o)

  • Laleepop14 says:

    I just joined go check me out. Laleepop14. I love Kim Coles curls and that color is fierce!!!!!!!

  • JustTrena says:

    Definitely count me in!! *Hey Kim!!

  • socialitedreams says:

    welcome to the "club" 😉 long healthy beautiful hair can be ours and we'll all get there together!


  • Ashley says:

    This makes me like you even more! You are very funny and i could always tell that you were down to earth. This proves it! I'm joining the challenge with you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kim you look stunning and I love your color. Congrats on joining team natchal!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wooh Wooh Wooh! We love you Girl! Congratulations on beginning your Natural Journey!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love her hair and the grow out challenge. Kim you were always beautiful but now you're amazing!

  • Valencia Bush says:

    I heard that Kim went natural. She looks gorgeous!!

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