Shake writes:

Hi Nikki,

I have a question for all of the natural birds out there!
My mother just sent me a picture of her latest twist out attempt and I’m so amped because it looks great! Though I feel she went natural only shorty after me, it’s only been very recently that she’s experimented with other styles besides her usual (but tried and true!) press, wet buns, or OCCASIONAL wash and go’s. I am so excited that she’s now embracing her natural hair in THIS way. It’s a great look for her and I hope she continues to gain confidence in the ferociousness of that gorgeous mane!

I’ve heard you and a few other naturals talk about how they’ve inspired their mothers to go natural and wanted to know if it is happening to any of your other readers.

Has the sheer awesomeness and clear freedom you’ve experienced in going natural touched your mom? Aunt, sister, cousin, grandmother?

It’s an awesome thing to be able to say that you’ve inspired mom (or another) to make such a significant change!