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Curly Nikki

Your Ultimate PJ Moment

By January 27th, 202155 Comments

Your Ultimate PJ Moment
Shelli writes:

I purchased the Aquasana water filter in January and was thinking, “This is my ultimate PJ moment. Yup. This is it.” So, my question to your readers is, what is your ultimate PJ moment? What is that one item or product that made you realize that your PJism has escalated to a whole new level?



  • johnsam says:

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  • Anonymous says:

    Sammie, Anon-February 24, 2011 2:33pm, T, and jlowman1—Ooo whee, ya'll made my day, LOL, now I don't feel soooo baaaad!! 😎

    ~~*~~Chocoloate Dipped Curls~~*~~

  • Anonymous says:

    There is hope ladies the first step to getting help is honesty. Lol great thread.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is hope ladies the first step to getting help is honesty. Lol great thread.

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay Chimmy, now you have me admitting to having had three jars of JessiCurl Weekly Deep Treatment (at one time, I'm down to one) and a gallon of Aloe Vera juice in the refrigerator. I've also experimented with making my own flax seed gel from flax seeds that I already had in the fridge. I want to take a stab at that again, but just haven't gotten around to it. Like I said, I can't even tell you about all the styling products under the sink (because I can't remember them all)!! But, I can tell you that I have at least the following brands of sprays, gels and butters under or on top of the sink!! Samy's, Aveda, Murray's, Elasta QP, Eco Styler, Carol's Daughter and Shea Moisture. I'm sure there are some I'm missing.

    Hello, my name is Shelli … and I am a product junkie.

    Pray for me ya'll.


  • Chimmy says:

    I have to say that this is the best post ever. Hm..from my relaxed/conditioning days i was crazy about products that could help me detangle and finding the best conditioner to detangle my new growth with. I was also crazy about the best oils to seal with, but now the oil craze has become even crazier. I'm very much into mixing my own products and creating something that works for my hair, I black this on Kimmaytube lol. After mixing up stuff like her knot Today Leavein, i've been mixing ever since. I'm a product junkie for mostly natural stuff. I buy aloe vera juice and gel, many many many oils, shea butter and so on. I do definitely buy the occasional product, but that's because I am still a die hard pj. I love love love the shea moisture line and i am trying to perfect my personal products to be as nice as theirs. I can't live without certain products, Giovanni Tea Tree Tripple Treat and Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner(I'm trying to get a better conditioner that detangles as well as this, unfortunately it contains parabens) Oooh I love making my own flax seed gel, I love it faaaar more than Kinky Kurly Curling Custard. It really clumps my curls together as they should be, for some reason with KKCC my curls are limp and life less.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Curly1!!!! I know, I know!!! I have major issues!!!! But, I was at least cheap and bought the Brita filter for the kitchen sink! LOL!!!! And, although there's no way I'd get the PIbbs dryer … I've been eyeing this alternative for months (it's in my bookmarks) that someone posted on the forums!!!

    It used to be $99, then it sold out. Now it's back in stock but with an increased price of $128!! So, I might have missed my window of opportunity. Thing is, it ships for FREE to the US!!!! PJ, GET THEE BEHIND ME!!!! Now, don't ya'll all go run out and buy this and cause the price to increase on me!!!

    Curly1, yeah, we can't hang. LOL!!


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow Shelli! Save some products for up and coming PJ's!Lol Girl you are the ULTIMATE PJ JUNKIE…Ladies can we all say INTERVENTION! I mean, I'm one to talk, but you def hold the CROWN! However after reading your post I went right to the Aquasana site and purchased the shower and kitchen counter filter. Oh…we "Could Not" hang out together…it would be Counter-productive! NOTE to self….Stay away from Shelli's post's! Lol U Need Jesus!

    by Curly1

  • Anonymous says:

    HAHA I'm kinda like Sammie. I'm transitioning right now and frequent this site, NaturallyCurly, and other various You Tube sites to get tips on the transitioning process as well as to prepare for my BC. I've always enjoyed trying beauty products whether they be face or hair and gosh do I have to keep myself in check these days. The heutiful hair steamer is definitely on my list. I'm trying to wait to buy it for when I actually BC however I don't want it to sell out like the therapy wrap has. I already have five huge things of conditioner in my bathroom and I'm getting ready to make a run to Whole Foods now to get a few more things. πŸ™‚ They say trial and error is key so that's how I'm justifying all of my purchases. πŸ™‚

  • Iloveelectricals says:

    Does electricals count? LOL I am planning on buying another pair of straighteners as my others one wer cheap and want better ones!I guess i like my electrical items i also have the COnair 1875 which is a US only n i live in the UK thank God for Amazon.Plus i have hooded dryer and want a Heat Therapy Wrap!

  • Alicia says:

    I don't consider myself to be a PJ, I just like to buy a lot of what works for me. I'm not into jumping on bandwagons or spending a lot on hair products either. I buy a lot of conditioner (Yes To…, Herbal Essences, Garnier Fructise, Aussie Moist), shea butter, and oils (jojoba, castor, coconut, olive).

  • caracara says:

    jumping on every bandwagon can't be good: the steamer, Miss Jessie's, the hooded dryer, tangle teaser, henna, shea butter etc.etc.

    I have ended up giving more products to my sister than I have actually used.

  • Kelly says:

    I am awaiting the arrival of the heutiful steamer that I ordered last weekend. Can't wait. I thought actually buying an appliance was the pinnacle of my PJism. But I am addicted to the products. There are just so many out there and I want to try them all! If I could only wait until I finish one bottle before buying more. . . .

  • Taneica says:

    CurlyBlasian, send me some of that henna! lol

  • Divatri says:

    @ Bridgette we are on the same level; I asked my husband to install a steam shower in our basement! In addition, instead of the heutiful steamer, I brought a full sized salon style one on wheels! It is a piece of furniture, haha! I love it though!

  • Anonymous says:

    My PJ moment happened when I first started wearing my hair instead of braids/headwrap, and I stlll have products nine months later from my first binge. Healthy beautiful hair can be addicting.

  • Anonymous says:

    CURSE YOU! for mentioning that Pibbs Dryer.( what's that … Google search ) Just another product added to the list of thing to WANT! LOL

  • Lanisha says:

    At Sammie: woooooahhhh you're just in your planning stages? Go head girl! Lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is Shelli,

    Sammie, you seriously need an intervention!!!! LMBO!!!! Please don't go broke being a PJ with products you can't even use yet! LOL!

    You guys made my day. In defense of my Aquasana shower filter purchase, I was more driven to buy it because of the health issue of absorbing all the chemicals in the water and steam through the skin. I have very hard water that destroys my water fixtures every couple of years. Of course, the hair benefits were a major selling point too!

    Just about everything you all call your ultimate PJ moments have been my "normal" ones!! I think I counted 11 bottles of conditioners under my sink at one time (several of which were multiple containers of the same conditoner, HEHH, KCKT, Deva One) and 5 or 6 in my shower at the same time. Bought 4 bottles of Vatika oil at one time, 3 under the sink because I gave one away. Have about 10 oils (essential and "regular). The freezer is stocked with Jamila and Dulhan henna (bought 10 boxes of Jamila when I ordered it online last April and picked up 4 Dulhan at the local Indian grocer when I decided to start cutting the Jamila with the Dulhan). There are a couple of bags of indigo in the cupboard as well. I have several wide tooth combs, the Ouidad Double Detangler and the Tangle Teezer (yeah, got that two weeks ago and now Nikki makes me think I might have to take it back!). Then, don't get me started on the styling products. I "sponsored" a PJ Swap Meet at my job last year because I head a department of about 53 women. I arrived with about 4 boxes of stuff that I didn't want anymore. Everyone was stunned and entertained. I told them I had it bad!!

    Yeah, I need an intervention too! Don't go down this path!!!! LOL!!! My boyfriend is so good though, he doesn't judge, just shakes his head and laughs=). Also, although I spend a lot of money on products, I save a lot (3 different savings accounts and two retirement funds). I also seem to have replaced buying clothes and shoes with buying hair stuff, so I didn't add to the spending, just reallocated the cash … and hair products are cheaper=)!!

    Yeah … I've had many PJ moments …. now, where is that Pibbs dryer link *looking around* JK=). I think $300 for a dryer is where I draw the line. I think …



  • Honeysmoke says:

    Did y'all catch that? @Alisa has named her hair Genevive. Oh, my.

  • Sammie says:

    My ultimate pj moment just now happened reading these comments. Buying 10 boxes of henna before trying it, a tangle teezer, 20+ hair products in the bathroom, jars of eco styler just chilling by my sink… I've done all of this and I haven't even gone natural yet. I'm still in the "planning stages." I may need help…

  • Anonymous says:

    I was recently in Morocco and bought a liter of Argan oil for…$60. I justified it by saying that it's 100% pure (I saw the women pressing it out) and a tiny bottle of Moroccan Oil would cost me 1/2 that and would be full of bad for my hair products, plus I've probably spent that on other products claiming to have Argan oil in them. I haven't even opened it yet, because I need to plot out just how I'm going to use it since I don't see myself getting back to Morocco in the near future…

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Bridgette about the steam shower!!!!!!! That is awesome!

  • Black Girl says:

    I bought 5 jars of eco styler which I thought I would use up, but I don't even use it now since I've discovered other My husband uses them now on his hair. lol.

  • Alisa says:

    I haven't had THE ultimate pj moment but I did buy 10 boxes of henna before I had even tried it. Luckily Genevive (my hair) loves it so it was probably the best buy I've made in the year I've been natural.

    My pj ism will probably go into overdrive when I get back to the states in June. Right now I have a habit of walking into every store with hair products and looking and reading the labels just for fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have an Aquasana shower filter, too! LOL!! I love it! I realize I am a PJ because I keep purchasing conditioners by the truck load. I have enough conditioner to last me a couple of years. I know…it's sad!

  • Anonymous says:

    My ultimate PJ moment was buying a kilo of henna. I felt like I was buying drugs! lol, I still have at least 8 boxes left and haven't used henna in months!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have several. Once when I bought 3 different types of gel in one trip at Sally's(Olive Oil Eco Styler; Isoplus Styling gel and Silk ELements liquid Gel). The other time was when I bought Miss Jessies and Kinky Curly products in one trip to Rickys.

  • Unknown says:

    Forget the Hueitful steamer. We are currently building a house and I begged my husband to ditch the bathtub from our master bath and add a steam shower! After declaring me crazy, he obliged. The house will be complete in late April 20011 and I can't wait!

  • Anonymous says:

    MY SO came back from deployment and saw that I had hair products in every bathroom (2.5), in the linen closet and in boxes in the spare bedroom. He told me I have to get "that" under control. I know I have a problem but I am trying to get it under control. Just one more purchase… I want some alma powder and brahmi powder. By the way, I have that same shower filter!

  • T. says:

    I'm not a severe product junkie, but I think my ultimate pj moment was my Tangle Teezer purchase. I had just finished a 12 hour trip back to the UK, and the first thing I did when I got home, before showering, before sleeping, before eating, before unpacking, before calling the fam to let them know I'd arrived safelyβ€” the first thing I did was go back out and catch a bus into town to hit up Boots (a UK drugstore chain) for a Tangle Teezer. Ridiculous, I know (especially since the Tangle Teezer was a bit of a disappointment).

    Also, a while back I went a little bit off the deep-end with oils, butters and ayurvedic herbs. I've still got a whole heap of cassia and senna and shikakai sitting on my dressing table waiting to be used.

  • SwirlieCurlies says:

    buying Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding for me! that stuff is uber expensive for someone like myself living off grants and scholarships. Ooh and anytime I walk into the store I go straight to the hair care aisles (although I have braids)…and by whatever has been suggested on this site or other natural hair care blogs/youtube channels…

    I suppose it could be worse. O__o

  • Anonymous says:

    I buy at least one (or two) Aussie Moist conditioners every time I hit Walmart…the 1L container…and I go to Walmart about once a week. And when I went to tidy up the hair pantry I was shocked at how many were in there…13 total! I shudder in embarassment.

    I also have 1000g of henna on standby πŸ™


  • Lisa says:

    My product junkie moment hit me when my SO flat out told me I have a problem. He said I was always ordering something and if I had more than 20 items on my counter, he was going to pray for me. I felt so bad because I so have more than 20 items on my counter, but I tried justifying it by telling myself that I'm almost done with a couple of them and a few of them don't count because they're samples. πŸ™

  • Annie L. says:

    @NewRibena Me too!

    But to be fair, other than aloe plant, org. veg. glycerin and honey and agave, hers are the only products I use and the cost works out for me. Love her line!

  • april says:

    My product junkie moment came when I bought Hairveda products and were really disappointed with the poor quality. Cheap is not always better.

  • MelMelBee says:

    My ultimate moment was when I traveled to a different state and made it a point to visit every Target I saw just so I "could see what products they have" and potentially buy some things that might not have been in my target! My family was so sick of me by the end of the trip!

  • Annie Gracie says:

    It's interesting because I was going to do a YT video about this very topic! My ultimate PJ moment didn't come with a particular purchase, just an overall realization that I have put over a thousand dollars (OR MORE!!) on hair product purchases when all of that money could have been in savings or better spent! I am actually ashamed of myself and of being so irresponsible. I wanted to get a new iPhone but since I've put so much money into products (especially products that don't work) I couldn't just go out and get it. I've spent that amount of money on my hair alone! That's ridiculous. And for that reason, since I don't have the money I need and want in the bank but rather in my cabinets, I AM DONE! No more purchases on the whim. If I don't have it (which I probably do or something compatible) then I won't get it! PERIOD. It's time to get my money out of my hair and into my pockets!!! It's about long-term stability and my hair pjism has gotten way out of hand.

  • Annie Gracie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL Ditto on the Huetiful Steamer. Haven't purchased it yet, but it's definitely on the radar. When I finally break down and purchase it (which will likely happen very soon), I will officially need to enter PJ rehab. But at least my hair will be moisturized while I'm there. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    My ultimate PJ moment happened when I had $30 left till my next payday, 2 closets full of hair products, and I figured out what $10 worth of food to buy so I could spend $20 on hair products. πŸ™ I'm so ashamed.

  • Nelly says:

    I would definitely say when I purchased the Huetiful Steamer after watching about two reviews!

  • Anonymous says:

    Henna is a Wonderful product Taneica!I don't blame you…you making me want to order some now! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    My ultimate pj moment has yet to come, but it will come once I purchase a hair steamer.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought the Hueitful steamer

  • Anonymous says:

    I knew I had a problem when I started hoarding conditioners, and buying them whenever I went to the store whether I needed them or not.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL; I bought this filter yesterday….

  • Anonymous says:

    I Concur with NJ!!!!!!!:)

  • Taneica says:

    I henna'd my hair for the first time, and went APE! I bought three months worth in one sitting. Come to think of it, I still do that!

  • Unknown says:

    No big splurges yet but that aquasana water filter is looking pretty good to me and im not even sure what its for :S I also want the huetiful hair steamer πŸ™‚

  • LaMaraVilla says:

    I realized there was a problem when I began buying my favorite conditioner, Giovanni SAS, by the gallon O_o

  • Latoya says:

    pj = product junkie

  • Anonymous says:

    whats pj?

  • socialitedreams says:

    i realllly want one of those, the vitamin c filters!!

    My ultimate pj buy wasn't hair related, it was the Clarisonic face brush…i'd just got out of college, was broke, but I HAD to have this $200 brush so that I could get pretty skin. i do love it still and it's going on about 3 years with it…but dang that was a splurge!


  • NewRibena says:

    I realized there was an issue after I placed an order from Anita Grant all the way in England!

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