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Curly Nikki

3 Ways to Glam Up Your Curls

By January 27th, 20213 Comments

3 Ways to Glam Up Your Curls
Liah of NaturallyCurly writes;

Prom, weddings, banquets or even a special date—just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t add a glamorous flare to your look. Keep your curls looking cool and funky with a few easy touches. Your curls don’t have to look the same every time you go out; you’re outstanding and your hair can be to with these three simple at home tips to spice up your look.

Add a beautiful gloss looks to your curls

Don’t you just love the shiny, silky look of wet curls? Well, now you don’t need to keep sticking your head under that bathroom sink at work to keep that look. By adding a serum to your daily hair routine from root to tip, you give your curls a beautiful gloss without the weight or sliminess of other heavier products. Be sure to add more definition to your curls by finger curling your curls. Match this style with a strong red lipstick or a strong eyeliner on just the top lid (adding natural-looking lashes to give your eyes an extra boost) to give your face an extra pop. This look not only keeps your hair looking especially naturally beautiful, but adds the moisture and luster that curly hair vitally needs.


  • Anonymous says:

    I have to add to the above comments. Shine and Define is the best thing ever! I mix this with the OH whipped pudding to do my twist outs….together they gives my hair incredible hold. Can't say enough how much I love this stuff!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Oyin's Shine and Define. It works great for smoothing flat twists on damp hair. I've also used it as a light lotion in summer! Got to love a multitasking product. Recently I've been moistening my palms with just water and a tiny bit of grapeseed oil and smoothing it over my hair to wear in updos. It works great! Grapeseed oil is very light and non-greasy. It's perfect for shine without a grease slick or acne if your skin is blemish prone.

  • socialitedreams says:

    I think that I will have to get some of that oyin shine and define, sounds like it's worthy to be in my arsenal! ever used it?


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