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5 Hair Habits That Will Change Your Life

By January 27th, 20216 Comments

5 Hair Habits That Will Change Your Life
Alyssa Hawkins of Naturallycurly writes;

Deciding to go natural is only half of the battle. While you might think it is the hardest part, getting your curls to look their best can often be much more difficult and plain frustrating. We want you to have the easiest possible path to loving your curls, so we put together a list of five hair habits that once you adopt, will completely change your life and the love you have for your curls.

Stop Straightening

Curlies in numbers agree that the hardest part about being natural is simply doing it. We are often accustomed to changing the texture of our hair, so it is hard to quit and embrace how we look with the hair we were given. Once you can put down the straightening tools and products, you can embrace who you are and work to get the best possible curly version of you. Say “goodbye” to heat damage!

Deep Conditioning

Moisture is key when being curly and one of the best ways to get moisturized curls is through deep conditioning. Conditioning daily is important, but deep conditioners are made specifically to penetrate your hair’s many layers and give your roots the moisture they need to stay frizz free.

Trims Every Six-Eight Weeks

The length of time that you can go without a trim depends on the length of your hair, but most stylists will suggest that you come in every six to eight weeks. Once you get in the habit of getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis, you will notice your hair looking healthier; something many curly girls strive for.


  • Anonymous says:

    its sooooooo difficult to stop straightening !!!!

  • Na says:

    I do trim often, and as the hair grows, it does grow more thick and uniform, and healthier looking, rather than having that stringy-end look. Some ppl go for the length, some ppl go for the overall health. Length will come with time, but its not my first priority. Trim when needed, your hair will thank you.

  • London2011 says:

    I disagree with trimming and starightening.I will not give up straightening im transitioning and need my hair either curly or straight no in between so straightening is a nice long as a good heat protectant is applied and the correct technique you're good to go. What changed my life was developing a rotutine and sticking to it plus getting to know my hair.It's all trial and error so i guess these rules will be a hit and miss dependong on the individual.

  • AuNaturelDiva says:

    I agee with the first 2 tips, but I disagree with the time frame for trimming! I only dust every 12-14 weeks. I only straighten when it's time for a trim, I always have conditioner in my tresses, I cowash daily & I deep condition once a week. I am not relaxed anymore, so why trim with a relaxer schedule? I don't have any damage like I used to. I think it's better to say "trim regularly" and let people decided based upon the needs of their hair what "regularly" is to them. Just my 2 cents.

  • Tonya says:

    I think these are good tips except… people trim their hair every 6 to 8 weeks? I did when I was relaxed; however, I haven't had a trim in 7 months (since my big chop). I don't use heat and my ends look fine….I'm hoping to keep every inch I can while I'm growing out my hair. When did people get their first trims? Did you straigten your hair to get a trim? How often do you get trims?

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't agree with the "you must trim the hair every 6-8 weeks" rule. I've seen plenty of you-tubers with long healthy hair that only trim once or twice a year.

    I think it depends on how well you take care of your hair in between trims….

    For example, my hair felt really rough on the bottom ends. I was told by many to trim it off. I couldn't understand why because my hair wasn't splitting OR breaking.

    Instead of trimming, I did several deep treatments concentrating on my ends, and slapped shea butter on my ends daily an d kept my hair tucked away. By the end of the week, my hair was SOFT and felt just like the rest of my hair. BUTTER.

    Trimming is not always the best answer….

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