by Onyx Rose of Onyxroseonline

Ever since the Tangle Teezer became popular in the natural hair community I’ve noticed that there are people who really take the “fun” out of having a hair journey. A lot of us are prone to jumping on bandwagons and trying all the products that everyone is raving about. Some of these products work for the majority of people that try them, and some don’t. What I don’t like is someone reviewing a popular product that didn’t work for them and then saying things like, “Don’t believe the hype!” or “I knew it was too good to be true” as if those who love the product are crazy or senseless. This definitely does not apply only to the Tangle Teezer–I’ve seen these kinds of comments for many haircare lines and products.

When it comes to product reviews, honesty is very important; if you don’t like a certain product, then by all means say how you truly feel. However, just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean that it won’t be someone else’s miracle worker, and doesn’t mean that you should state your opinion in a way that discourages people from wanting to try the product for themselves. While I understand that many of us are anti-product junkyism (is that a word?) and anti-bandwagons, we still have to keep in mind how much influence our reviews have. I don’t care if you only have three hair products that you use; at one point or another everyone has read or watched a review and thought, “Ohh, I might try that!” Isn’t that part of the natural hair experience–trying new things and finding out what works for you? I can’t help but think about ladies transitioning/newly naturals who read/watch some of these reviews and are discouraged because of some people’s blatant negativity. As silly as it might sound, I’m sure there are many people missing out on certain products because they took someone else’s experience to heart. There needs to be a balance between giving truthful reviews and respecting other people’s journeys.

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