Meredith Rose writes;

I will be participating in a major beauty pageant this coming August. I have just big chopped this past month, and after thorough evaluation and prayer, I have decided that I will be completely natural for this pageant. I have concluded that if I am to be judged on beauty and poise, I will be completely ME. I will be judged for who I AM. I will not glue any wigs onto my head, sew – in Malaysian or Indian tracks into my African hair, nor will I clip -in numerous amounts of extensions. The fabulous India.Arie proposed a question, “Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?” The answer is “NO!”. Accept me, pageant judges, as I am, or disregard me. The choice is theirs. 🙂

My question is, I am looking for some marvelous ways I can style my 4a/4b hair for pageantry. Keep in mind, pageantry hairstyling is much different from wedding styles or prom styles. No accessories may be used and braids and twists can not be utilized. Think “Miss America”, or “Miss USA”.

I appreciate your assistance!