Confession: I’m addicted to hair porn. I look at hair blogs and tumblrs alllll the time. I adore big, huge, kinky, wavy, curly hair. Unfortunately, I feel like I don’t get my big hair rocks off as much as I would like to when styling my own hair.

Why not? Well, I can’t wear it obnoxiously big to work everyday because I work in a conservative environment. But even when I’m going out on weekends, I hesitate because the bigger my hairstyle, the more detangling and knotting I’m going to have to deal with afterward. I’m trying to retain length, so I have to consider this. I don’t think I’d care so much if I wasn’t working towards a hair length goal.

o for now, I’m sticking with protective styling most of the time and modestly big hairstyles when I feel like wearing it down. I’ll save the super orgasmically big hair for only super special occasions.

Does anyone else struggle with this dilemma? If you’re trying to retain length, are you able to wear your hair super big without the tangling and knots? Share your secrets with me!