Jennifer writes;

While transitioning, I found it hard to style my hair and settled with wearing hats.This proved disastrous when I chose to wear it to school-not any old school, but HIGH SCHOOL, where the smallest mistakes ruin your social life. Anyways, while sitting in class another student, who shall remain nameless, decided to see exactly what I was hiding by tearing my hat off my head. This was before my knowledge of silk scarf and what not, so my hair was a complete knotted mess. Immediately, I felt my hand cover my mouth in complete embarrassment. The entire class was laughing as my cheeks turned a deep red. I plopped my hat back on and slid down in my chair. All I could do was laugh it off. Now, two years after the “incident”, I’m still in high school and still afraid to wear my hair out. My questions to my big hair role models are:

What were some of your most embarrassing hair moments and how did you deal with them?