by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

Being “natural” means different things to different people; that is a given, but what does it mean to you in relation to what other women do with their hair? There is a debate within the natural hair community that naturals who press – women who don’t show their “real” texture of hair are not really natural. I don’t live by a sliding scale of naturality, however, I realize that some naturals hold on to these emotions strongly and stand firm in their belief that if you don’t show off your natural – your kinks, curls or waves, and if you choose to press them out and wear your hair straight that by default, i guess some sort of “heat” default, you are no longer truly natural and your hair title now needs to be amended to read – “a natural who presses.”

With these sentiments echoing through the natural hair community, there seem to be unspoken “natural hair straightening rules” that one should abide by when deciding to go natural which leads to the questions of if there are straight hair rules, who sets them, manages them and decides when they change as well as who they apply to? Is it an umbrella situation or are there those that are exempt from these unspoken straightening rules based on their texture?

If a woman who claims natural constantly presses her hair, what does that mean to you? Does it bother you to know that even though she is natural that she, according to some “masks”, for lack of better word, her true texture? And if someone does live by the heat, why do you think it bothers others so much? If said women have healthy hair with no heat damage, is that not all that matters? What say you?