Fly Natural Hair and Sacrifices
MrsCrystal writes;

I have been natural all of my life, but there are some things that I dread doing to pamper my hair:

1. Ordering products online when the shipping costs half, almost the same price, or even more than the product (Ahhh! That irks me, which leads to me not purchasing what I want, and then going back into my pouting mode. But thank goodness for Target!)

2. This kind of goes back to number 1, but…Trying to find henna in a store where I can talk to someone directly about it. I can’t seem to find henna anywhere but online. (This is my excuse for not attempting to henna yet.)

3. Trying a new style. I just don’t want to waste a lot of product or time on a Saturday style and then use all of my Sunday after church doing one of my staple styles because the Saturday style was a whomp whomp. I am slowly walking my way out of this mindset.

4. Giving up a date weekend with hubby because it’s style weekend. So, I’m kind of learning how to get around this one. I deep condition Friday night, sleep on it, wake up early Saturday morning and style. Then, we have our Saturday! But then when I think about it, ladies are in the salon all day regardless if you are natural or not. Guess that’s just life.

Through it all, I definitely love my hair.

Is there anything you dread doing for your strands?