Hola Chicas!

Two quick points;

(1) I recently revisited PM The Conditioner (the Generic version from Sallys), after a 2 year hiatus.
I remembered why I loved it and why I ditched it. If you’re looking for VERY shiny, soft results, with nearly medium hold, give it a try. I’m talking amazing, predictable results. I was inspired to try it after recommending it to two curlies that later thanked me profusely.

Sadly, if you’re porous and very dry like me, it will not moisturize your situation for more than a day or two, so you may want to use a heavier conditioner on your ends. But for real, try this as your leave-in/styler for your next Twist-Out or Wash&Go and report back!

Random but equally important;

(2) I went to my favorite Sushi spot Friday afternoon to get take out, Gia in tow. I was looking all cute, sitting at the bar, folks walking over oohing and ahhing over G Babes, and she was hamming it up. And then it happened. She farts… and it was unbelievably smelly… truly a grown man fart. No sooner than she cut loose, in comes this sweet old couple. They immediately walk up to us, smiling at G and asking her age and what not, and all I could do was smile… knowing that of the two us, they assumed I was the culprit.

Later Gators,