Wendy writes;

I need help with the best way to style my mixed curl pattern hair! Like many other curlyheads, my hair is a hodge podge of different curl patterns, however mine is starkly contrasted right down the middle of my head…on the right side I have tighter curls like Rachel True, but on the left side I have much looser “S”-waves like Jurnee Smollett.

When my hair is straight, it’s perfectly even but when I wear it naturally curly, the different curl patterns look SO ODD since with shrinkage, my “Rachel True” side gets short and curly, but my “Jurnee Smollett” side stays long and wavy. I usually end up pulling my hair back into a ponytail but I really would love to wear it all out. What’s a girl to do?

Can you relate? Help her out!