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High Quality, Budget Friendly Hair Products

By January 27th, 2021One Comment

High Quality, Budget Friendly Hair Products
Tonya McKay of Naturallycurly writes;

Manufacturers turn to high tech science, sustainability and natural ingredients to bring you the latest hair care products.

Despite being generally rather stable, the personal care and cosmetics industry has not escaped the recession entirely unscathed. Budget-conscious consumers have sought out lower-priced alternatives to salon-based premium priced goods and services, and switched to the less expensive brands available at major retailers, online vendors, and health food stores. Many have elected to forego visits to the salon and do their own chemical processes, such as hair color, at home. The result of this trend has been a slight decrease in typical growth compared to previous years. Fortunately, examination of the current research and development focus in the industry reveals that this is a new opportunity for manufacturers to demonstrate their versatility and ability to meet the demands of their dynamic market.

One Comment

  • Annie L. says:

    Did not know Twisted Sista was Black-owned! I can't bear any more products but nice to know Black haircare companies are appearing more and more.

    Per the rest of the article, I always get wary when corporations invest heavily in R&D for 'new and improved' products. I've found that it usually means rebranding the same crap and creating new categories for hair types and conditions like 'ethnic' and 'chronically dry' to inflate the market.

    We all love for products to stretch their use and go the extra mile but super-additives and greenwashing are the same to me as the introduction of white eggs, bread and rice when the brown was more nutrient-rich, natural and cheaper to cultivate.

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