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Curly Nikki

I Big Chopped- Blu M

By January 27th, 202126 Comments
I Big Chopped- Blu MBefore (relaxed)

CN:Were you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
B:I was planning on transitioning for the long term, but it became very exhausting and hard to deal with the two textures. I decided to cut it 8 months into it because my hair was getting annoying. I also felt sick of trying to hide my hair and constantly worrying about it. I’ve always been a fan of long hair, but I had to come to the realization that I couldn’t keep juggling the two textures any longer.

CN:When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
B: I did the big chop February 12,2011. I just turned 18 and decided that this was the right time. When I went to the hair stylist, she told me how damaged and useless my relaxed ends were. As she snipped off the last bits, I felt as if all the pressure of society was lifted off of me. I felt better about myself, and discovered that for all these years I had very nice hair under the damaged ends. I was not only happy, but I could finally see ME.

CN:How did family and friends react to the new you? What was your response to them?

B:My mother is Japanese and is a fan of straight, long hair. So when she saw my hair, she was very upset and did not like how it looked on me. A little bit of time went by and she finally accepted my hair and thinks it is cute! On the other hand my grandmother, who is African American hated my hair. She told me that I should be ashamed of myself for cutting all my hair off and making it “nappy”. I just ignored her and didn’t really care for her opinion. My friends really loved it, especially my white and Asian friends, but the saddest thing was that most of my black friends hated it. I was pretty shocked, but I just ignored their rude remarks.

CN:What was your transition routine?
B: I used L’Oreal Ever Strong Shampoo and Infusium 23 conditioner. I also used Cantu Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream and olive oil. I braided my hair and would sleep with the braids in a hair wrap and then unbraided my hair in the morning. It was an extremely annoying process to say the least.

CN:What was your staple hair style during the transition?
B:My staple hairstyle was a bun with a head band. I have a lot of head bands so I began to use them almost all the time. I really liked the hair style but my hair just looked really dry and unhealthy, so I didn’t want to do these hair styles anymore, because it showed how weak my hair was.

CN:How did you moisturize your hair to prevent breakage at the new growth line?
B:My relaxed ends kept breaking off and I honestly did not do a good job of keeping my hair moisturized. My stylist told me that my new growth was very dry, and I honestly believed that I took good care of it, but I guess I didn’t. I didn’t have a good method of keeping my hair moisturized because no one ever taught me how to properly take care of my hair. The stylists I have been to have only taught me how to take care of my hair in its relaxed state.

CN:Why did you choose to go natural?
B:Every morning I looked in the mirror and felt as if I was hiding myself from the world. Relaxed hair protected me from all the criticism and bullying. I remember being bullied so harshly because of my naturally curly hair back when I lived in Japan, and even in America, I was made fun of for having big, kinky hair. I cried for hours and always believed that straight hair was the best hair. The last time I got a relaxer, it burned so badly that I decided enough was enough. My hair kept breaking off, getting dry, and I started getting dandruff. I look at my pictures from when I was way younger and I ask myself, ‘why didn’t I love the hair God had given me?’ I really did have good hair. I told myself that people’s opinions don’t matter, even my family’s opinions. I thought about how free I would become. I always believed that a visit to the stylist had to be painful and exhausting, but ever since my big chop, my head feels unharmed, good, and happy. I honestly chose to go natural because I want to be healthy and be a good example for not only my children in the future, but African American women, especially bi-racial African American women.


I Big Chopped- Blu M


  • Anonymous says:

    They are all gonna be hating when it grows out(old friends too). It think it looks really cute. One thing about wearing natural hair though, is it forces some people to grow some tough skin, but in the end you'll realize your strength.

  • Ambitious_Tiff says:

    Blu, you look beautiful. Congrats on your bc!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it is awesome that you are young and deciding to do you!! At your age a lot of people are so focused on the outer but I totally agree with what you said as far as being happy with what God has given you!! This is actually my reason for going natural myself … if I knew half of the things I know now I would have never put chemicals in my hair in the first place! Which is why I love this site (you are awesome Nikki) because there is so much great information so you can really learn how to take care of your natural hair! I will be doing my BC in July – that will be a full year of my transitioning! Good luck on your hair journey! Your hair is beautiful and so are you! 😀

  • Levone says:

    Touching story! Your hair is beautiful.

  • Anonymous says:

    Loved reading this. Your hair is super cute!

  • Melinda says:

    You and your hair are BEAUTIFUL, I am so sorry to hear that neither side of your family is embracing your "natural" Beauty. Please keep doing YOU!!! PEACE.

  • Barbara Naturally Speaking says:

    Wow! Your curls are gorgeous! I tried to do a long transition as well, but at the 14 month mark I big chopped. I truly got tired of fighting the two textures. Enjoy your natural hair. It's fun to style! Again your curls are adorable!

    Barbara of

  • LaShayla says:

    i, too, love your hair! it's sooooo cute and very flattering on you.

  • The Chocolate Loveliness That Is Fraña says:

    I love your hair, you look so beautiful. It's so nice to see so many woman with curly hair standing up to their family, friends, and society to finally love themselves. I only had to worry about work but I was determined to rock my natural hair. Honey love and do you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sad, but not surprised, to hear that your black friends were the most hostile to your hair. Trust and believe that there are plenty of black women (and men!) who "get it"…meaning we understand and appreciate your natural hair. And it's not even about "good" vs. "bad"…because all natural hair textures are good! Don't let those few affect how you see the rest of the (black) community.

  • Nichole says:

    That's awesome that you have the confidence to do that at your age when your peers are still trying to fit into the mainstream. Your hair looks super cute and brings out your pretty features. I'm also Black and Asian (20 years older than you) and I cut my damaged hair back in the mid 1990's after a Wave Noveau mishap. It was the best accident ever. I can't say that I have always loved my natural texture and even had a relapse with the relaxer for a summer in the late 1990's, but then went back natural and plan to stay natural for life. I'm always experimenting and tweaking my regimen to where I now have it down. I just discovered You Tube this year for help with styling. Good luck on your hair journey! You have a good attitude of dismissing the naysayers. As long as you are happy with your hair, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

  • skillsgill says:

    Blu, the same people who make disparaging comments now will be the ones drooling over your hair a couple of years from now. It's amazing to me how so many of us go through the same experiences with believing that our hair is "wrong" when we are tweens/teens and then being admired so greatly for it when become adults. You have already acknowledged you have good hair (meaning hair that is healthy and suits you) and soon you'll hear the same African-American kids who had rude comments telling you that you could go natural because you have "good" hair (the "good" that I can't stand being used … which means looser, not kinky hair … ughhh).

    Anyway, congratulations on your BC and not letting naysayers affect your esteem because confidence can make a baldie gorgeous. What emanates from within you is hard for others to ignore or discount and you will end up inspiring others to go the same route as you.


  • Anonymous says:

    Great interview and stay positive,your gettiing to know the real you which is so bold and brave in this world that encourages us to be anything else but ourselves.

  • Kesha G. says:

    I absolutely LOVE your hair hun! I can really relate to your transition process. I will be BC next thursday after transitioning for 6 months. I really didn't know how to keep my natural hair moisturized or what which products to use but I'm ready to be totally free next week! Your an Inspiration! I am an African American Young Female and the same reaction that you recieved from your Grandmother, I expect the same from mines. It's something about the older generation that some do not accept natural beauty. But, I'm prepared to Keep My Head High & Embrace It!! Stay Blessed!!

  • Tonya says:

    your natural is hair is too cute on you!!!

    it is very becoming and looks very stylish!!

    you have a lot of courage to do this at such a young age!!!

    welcome to the natural hair world!!! it is a wonderful place!!

  • Anonymous says:

    You really are brave for doing this with all the opposition. Ignore all the negative comments and revel in being yourself. Your hair is lovely and so are you! Congrats on taking the plunge and all the best as you rediscover yourself!!

  • Anonymous says:

    It's funny that it seems the natural hair brought out her asian features that i didn't notice in her relaxed picture. Cute girl either way.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are my hair twin!!! I love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love her hair!!!! She seems like a sweet girl and thats rare to say about a 18 year old these days.

  • Anonymous says:

    love the hair girl. congrats on the BC and welcome to the kinky world. I feel you on dealing with the two textures. Definitely hated that part the most and def shortened by transition.

    Keep shining through the negativity. Eventually they will realize that it's your life and you will do what you want to do. shoot…thats admirable.

  • Unknown says:

    Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Ignore the rude comments. Im currently transitioning (4 months since last relaxer, and I know I will go through the rude remarks too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • special_k says:

    I don't normally comment but your hair is GORGEOUS! And so are you! Kudos to you for rocking your curls!

  • KinkyBoots says:

    I love your hair! And that headband is cute! Watch your back…lo1! Sorry you had to endure all those negative reactions, but I really think this look fits you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Congrats! I think you look beautiful! Its so important to be at peace with who you are, and it sounds like you are there now. God bless!

  • Annie L. says:

    You are gorgeous! Those curls are bomb and super cute on 18y/o YOU! I'm sorry about the negative comments, some don't dare admit how hurtful they can be, especially when you're staking out your own identity – at any age. You seem to have great perspective and I'm so glad you shared your story for so many others who still have a lot to learn from people like you. I hope more multi-racial people fall in love with their hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT! Congrats for not being afraid of disappointing anyone and being true to you!

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