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Curly Nikki

March 2011 Hits and Misses

By January 27th, 202148 Comments


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow ya'll are really boosting the economy buying all of these fancy products but as for me my loyalty is with Suave. Just tried the Captivating Curls conditioner and my hair loves it! Keepin' it simple while making it fierce! : )

  • Candicurl says:

    for march Darcy botanicals Vanilla creme,DB avocado and plum twist ,and cupachu butter. After a shampoo, they work great! also found a 8 once argean oil at marshalls ,who knew?
    The jury is still out on shea moisture hibiscus though. ill keep trying but it didnt really wow my hair like darcy did.

  • CurLillies says:

    Lets see…


    Hair One for Curly Hair with Argan Oil
    Raw Shea Butter
    The Conditioner (Sally's Brand)

    Jury still out:

    African's Best Herbal Oil (this works great mixed with Raw shea butter on my skin, but not sure how I like it on my hair).


    HPO shampoo and conditioner–My husband loves this stuff and it does great on his hair. He has 3c while I am a combination of all 4's. So at least we didn't waste any money.

  • Felicia says:

    The Hits this month were:
    Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Heavy Cream (Love IT! Very good moisturizer!)

    Oyin HandMade Greg Juice-A Keeper for life!(yes, I bought 3 bottles on sale today only!)
    Oyin Shine and Define-oh yeah!

    My Honey Child Olive You Deep Conditioner-My new bessest friend!

  • Nikisha Riley says:

    Hit: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
    & Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask
    These two are great and waaaay cheaper than the other products out there. Just make sure you use the smoothie on wet hair and not too much, a little goes a long way.

  • Anonymous says:



  • shamigreen says:

    Oyin Handmade is having a sale today!

    20% off all full-sized Juices & Honeywater… use the coupon code "aprilfools"

  • Naturally You says:

    My Hits:

    Hairveda's Whipped Gelly, Whipped Creme, and Almond Glaze. Love the Creme and Gelly for bunning and the Almond Glaze for straight styles.

    Organix Ever-Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Anti-Breakage Serum
    Organix Ever-Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray

    I really liked the new Organix Brazilian serum and flat iron spray – I skipped the 30 day smoothing treatment. My hair looked like I had a fresh relaxer, and lasted for two weeks while I attended Zumba and circuit training classes.

  • Na says:

    Aussie Moist Conditioner is the best conditioner I have ever used! I buy the big pump bottle at a time. Slip and moisture, and the scent is GREAT! I understand its great to support our fellow curlies who makes the products, but their prices are just too much at times + the shipping + the wait…Aussie condish is everywhere and anywhere, I bought the pump bottle for $4.99 at Stop and Shop a week or two ago. Can't beat that!

  • Unknown says:

    Oyin Handmade Shine and Define…First couple of dry twist outs didn't have enough hold…added aloe vera gel…Love It!!! Perfect product…I think I have found my first staple product 🙂

  • That Girl says:

    I tried Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk sulfate-free shampoo, and the new Lite Hair Milk.
    Now, original Hair Milk was my favorite, but this new stuff is AWFUL! The shampoo made my hair feel like straw and that was after a pre-wash oil treatment; the new hair milk is packed with silicones and I'm a CG so that didn't work for me, and it made my hair feel sticky.
    I made my own whipped shea butter, which is still good! I used cheap shea, though so it does have a weird smell and it's not as smooth as the others.
    I also started to love LOVE Aloe Vera gel, and Design Essentials leave-in and blow dry lotion. I know it's technically meant for hair that will be heat straightened but it works like a charm for me.
    I've also been using jojoba oil because my ends were (just got them cut) a hot mess!

  • ThinkLikeP88 says:

    Purchased so much but tried none so far. No time!! But I did a Shea Moisture haul at Walgreens this week in honor of the sale. (Got all the coconut and hibiscus products.) This month, I also got raw shea butter, flexi-rods, Carol's daughter hair milk, ECO styler Olive Oil gel, a sock diffuser……..and that is all.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my I have been a true Product junky this month….let's see, I have purchased Beautiful Curls by Alaffia Leave In Condish and Curl Activating cream, DB's Peach Hydrating Milk, DB's Cupuacu Butter Pomade, Avalon Organics Olive & Grape seed oil extra moisturizing condish, One n Only Argan oil Hydrating mask, swapped JC Nourish & Shine for DB's Coconut Aloe Moisture Pudding and swapped CJ Rehab condish for KBB Sweet Nectar….I think that will do…now for April…thinking about the big 32 oz of Oyin Honey Hemp Condish…and that's it!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased CURLS Creme Brule….I really can't say what it does besides make my hair smell yummy. Other than that its a total miss. I also bought the lavish curls. Jury is still out on that one but I think I'll be hitting up the sheamoisture sale at walgreens for sure!!!

  • Unknown says:

    If you ladies don't mind a hair steamer that is not a table top design, I got mine on ebay a month ago for $70 with no sales tax and free shipping. I bought mine from LCL Beauty. Just do a search for hair steamers on ebay.

    My purchases this month were Amla oil and Vatika oil that I got at a local Indian store. I'm on the fence, but I've only used them once so far.

  • Anonymous says:

    @CurlyGirlForever…I know right! I am very nervous too because I am not sure of the site. If anyone else is familiar with that site, do share! In the meantime…more research

  • Anonymous says:

    AVEDA BE CURLY—-A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY, Ugh lol. So I got some more Kinky Curly when Aveda failed me. Can't live without my Knot Today 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I recently purchased ms jessies curly cream for 38 dollars from target and i hate it. defintley isn't worth the money and it leaves my hair extra greasy

  • Chimmy O. says:

    ok that hair steamer is calling me, I'm so scared though because it could be a scam, but it's only 60 dollars!

  • sarah says:

    for March

    KBB Sweet Ambrosia. i finally got over myself and purchased it online, by itself, with full S&H, a day before it was announced on CurlMart, and i don't ever care! my hair loves this stuff. just wish i got Cocoa Mango instead of Coco Lime.

    EO Protective Rose & Chamomile Conditioner. it went on rough for a cowash and smelled like my gramma! ugh!

    @Sharri, the KC Gloss Pomade is summer staple for me, since i wash and go. i just keep the thing in my purse and when my hair has finished air drying, i can soften up my hair in a flash. it's great!

  • Anonymous says:

    *******check that for under $100

  • Anonymous says:

    so just had to google where to get a hair steamer for under $60…and ladies the site looks legit. Check it out:

  • Roxx says:

    Anita Grant Babassu Amla shampoo bar
    Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep conditioner
    I love the Anita Grant products, they're a little pricey and hard to find in the US but definitely worth it.

    Kinky Curly Curl Custard – I really don't know what all the hype is about

    Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and style conditioning milk

    Shea Moisture Curl and hold smoothie

    I like the Shea moisture shampoo but the products do nothing for my hair. My daughter on the other hand loves the shea moisture products and has proceeded to use up the stuff that I'm not using.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Curly Nikki Is this the first time you've used a hair steamer? Please, please let us know how it works on your hair. I'm still waiting for the hair steamer to come to a Wal Mart near me.

    I purchased Desert Essence Organic Coconut Shampoo on Tuesday and Curls Souffle today! I will be using the Souffle for moisture and sealing with olive oil. I'm taking Dr. Phil's advise. How's that working for u? Oh Dr. Phil my current routine is not working. I have lots of shedding. So I'm trying a new routine starting now.

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased Shea butter for my hair, but I found out it is a little to greasy for my hair. Therefore, I decided to use it for my skin and stick with coconut oil for my hair. At least, I didn't really waste my money.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just got my hair steamer last week and I LOVE it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oyin products whipped pudding and shine a define hair loves them also Darcy's vanilla styling cream and coconut pomade also. just have to watch how much I put in my hair a little goes a long way. And Carols daughter black vanilla hair smoothie conditioner but the price is killing me. so i am looking for another conditioner.also Giovanni aloe hair gel strong hold but not stiff.
    ugh yes to carrots(yes to cucumber work for a bit) and any none creamy conditioner,Like the sprays, makes my hair dry and brittle. Also eco styler made a white mess.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey anon 3:52 how can we be down with the hair steamer for under $100 boogs + free shipping. don't even play….give it up! 🙂

    Also, I heard about Deva Curl Set It Free…I'm going to have to check that out too! U know what I'm off this post right now! My man is already mad at me for spending all his money as it is!lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Purchased 2/Jessicurls Weekly Deep conditioning
    1 – Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Treatment and tried Deva Curl Set IT Free for the first time. Now I know what all the talk up has been about regarding the product. Set it Free is new favorite.
    Got a hair steamer for under $100 with FREE shpg!!! My pjism is now content…

  • Anonymous says:

    Also I ordered Burdock Root Butter cream for fine hair from Quemet Biologics and like that a lot too! 🙂

    I plan to purchase Aubrey's Organic HoneySuckle Rose Cond. as well.


  • ren says:

    i really love dr woods shea vision castille soap for shampoo and giovanni smooth as silk deeper moisture condionter. my new staples

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are yal playin on here! lol I just purchased a No Frizz Fizz Cocktail from CurlMart. Can you say Happy, Happy, Happy! In case you didn't here me I'm Happy! :)It was for all hair types. It included:

    Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo (10 oz.)
    Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner (8 oz)
    Mop Leave In Conditioner (6.76 oz.)
    HPO Happy Scalp (2 oz.)
    Curl Junkie Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment (8 oz.) wide-toothed shower comb (8.75" long)
    No Frizz Fizz™ recipe card
    1 spunky swizzle stick

    This is by far one of my best purchases for 2011 so far!

    by Curly1

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    I purchased:

    Oyin Handmade's Hair Dew which is a hair do for me!

    Oyin Handmade's Whipped Pudding which is also a staple!

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased; Hesh Shikakai Oil, Hesh Mahabhringraj Maka Oil, Hesh Jasmine (Chameli)Oil, Hesh Jabakusum Oil, Hesh Brahmi Amla Oil, Hesh Neem Oil, Hesh Brahmi Powder, Hesh Amla Powder, and Hesh Kalpi Tone Naturoriche Powder.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Aubrey Organics honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
    Darcys Botanicals Madigascar Vanilla Styling Cream (Best twist outs ever…get on it ppl)….
    and took a bunch of stuff from my mommy 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. My hair loves it, and I love the smell. Also, satin covered foam rollers! Some nights I roll my hair with them. When I take them out the next morning my hair is beautifully stretched, soft, and easy to style.

  • Sharri (@SESWEETING) says:

    I purchased Kinky-Curly's Gloss Pomade and couldn't be happier with a purchase. I use it on my newly-cut caesar for both moisture and to help it lay flat. Since it's all natural ingredients it works wonders as a balm for my hands as well.

  • Bitty Boss says:

    Hollywood Beauty Hydrating Hair Mask w/Argan Oil
    Organix Acai Berry Avocado Conditioner
    Tresemme Climate Control Conditioner

    None that I can think of!

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased a Tangle Teezer after waiting months for Sally's to restock. Don't worry Nikki, I will be checking periodically to make sure it is not giving me split ends! I just couldn't resist trying it out after all the rave reviews! I love it so far!

  • Ty says:

    OMG Becky!!! LOL Walgreens had Shea Moisture Products Buy one get one Free.. I was like a kid at Christmas. I bought like the entire store.. I had to hit 2 Walgreens…LOL My hair loves that stuff… Woooo Hooo!

    Also some ECO Styler get in Argan "flavor". My hair looked at me and wanted to cuss me out.. that stuff didnt do anything but make my hair hard as a rock.. LOL

  • Ty says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    i purchased the shea moisture deep treatment masque and works great on my hair. I did a braidout with it and i had beautiful shine and definition. I also got the shea moisture curl and style milk for free because of the buy one/get one free sale at walgreens. the sale ends on 4/2/11. all shea moisture products

  • Happy Nappy says:

    Elasta QP Mango Butter was a huge hit for my hair this month. It LOVES it!!! I have 4c hair and of course the shrinkage is really bad, but the curl definition it produces makes the shrinkage worth while. Awesome buy this go 'round!!! I think this is a keeper!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Sooo…. I purchased:

    -Salerm 21 Leave-in Conditioner
    -Lacio Lacio Leave-in Conditioner
    -Lots of magnetic rollers
    -Jojoba oil

    Was given:
    Oyin Shine and Define
    a Hair Steamer (woot woot!)
    some Qhemet products

  • NaturalNique says:

    I finally purchased the hair steamer. I LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous says:

    Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Smells great and keeps my hair soft and moisturized. Works nicely with a wash n go and twist outs. I also tried The Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine for my twist out. The first day it looked great, but the second day….HORRIBLE!! I used the product and twisted my hair. My hair was poofy when I took the twists out and when I was hot, it frizzed and became even bigger. My hair looked a hot mess!! I also tried Jane Carter's Condition and Sculpt….that sucked. I used it for a wash n go. It didn't coat my hair enough to weigh it down so I could see the curls. My hair looked like a big fro with some curls rather than a lot of curls in the shape of a fro. Needless to say, The Jane Carter Solution products are FIRED from my hair!! I have hair type 4-curly and kinky. Maybe these products were not for my hair type. Either way, they sucked.

  • GJones says:

    Garnier Fructis hair paste!!! Love it because it has a great hold and doesn't weigh my hair down.

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