Let’s keep it going!

Elisa Lewis writes:

This is a little game that I saw on another hair forum that I think would be a GREAT Question of the Day….

It’s called, “Let’s play a little game…

Hi, I’m: Give your Username.
I love: List ONE of your favorite product lines.
My Splurge is: One product you buy that you know is expensive, but you love it.
My Cheap Fix is: That CHEAP (less than $10) product you love.
I don’t get why ladies love: One product that ladies LOVE that just didn’t work for you.
My Little Secret is: Name ONE product or ONE Technique/Method you love that people don’t seem to rave about.
I want to try: This is for all you product junkies out there, ONE product.

**CN’s Response**:

Hi, I’m: CurlyNikki
I love: CURLS Curl Souffle!
My Splurge is: anything I desire at the moment 😉
My Cheap Fix is: Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted- the best detangling conditioner hands down!
I don’t get why ladies love: Miss Jessies– for the price, the ingredients leave much to be desired.
My Little Secret is: After styling (Twist-n-Curl), I sometimes tie a silk scarf around my head (with the twists and rollers dangling down underneath) to help the crown dry in a downward position. Works like a charm!
I want to try: Ayurvedic oils and herbs