Hey Nikki,

My name is Naomi and I love your site & Forum!!! (I am a member on your forum-naomimaxine927).

I have been natural for a year and four months, and when it came to planning my wedding, I had no idea what to do with my hair. Mind you I only had a month to plan! I married the man of my dreams, who I had been with for five and a half years (my highschool sweetheart) so I wanted to look perfect for my day. My Husband (future Husband then) never really expressed a great liking towards any style, so I picked the style that I liked best- a rod set- but everyone insisted I get my hair professionally done. So I did not do my hair the night before like I originally planned, and decided to go to a stylist the day of. The morning of my wedding, my stylist feel through, which left me to my own devices. I was an all natural bride!