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Curly Nikki

Natural Hair and Color That Pops!

By January 27th, 202126 Comments

Natural Hair and Color That Pops!
During my interview with Mya, I asked about her favorite brand and shade of hair dye and how she maintains the color’s richness, and what she does to protect the health of her curls. Although she was unsure about the brand her stylist uses, she shared that frequent deep treatments, infrequent shampoo’ing, and products designed with color treated hair in mind are all essential to protecting her hair and ensuring long lasting color.

If you have color/highlights…

Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist?

Which brand do you use?

What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage?

What products do you use to help with longevity of color?

Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring?


  • Anonymous says:

    Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist?
    DIY. I know dealing w/ chemicals you should have a professional to help but I usually just ask my mom/sis/friend to cover the spots I can't see.

    Which brand do you use? Revlon! Box dye just $4 @ Walmart.

    What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage? Well, I use conditioner that I leave in almost on a daily basis. Or I'll refresh with my own hair mist. Water + oil + glycerin + rose = hair so soft

    What products do you use to help with longevity of color? None. I think my hair grabs on to color well. So I never have prob with fading color. I use the same old 99cent Suave shampoo, cowash, & my fab conditioner for leave in: AVENO Nouris & Shine

    Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring? Insanely DRY hair, only immediately after the process. But this went away as soon as I started using TGE AVENO (next day)

  • Anonymous says:

    neva again!

  • DvaAuNaturel says:

    Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist? I've done both using Dark & Lovely; but currently I see a professional for my color. I just want to leave that to the experts.

    Which brand do (did) you use? Dark & Lovely

    What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage? Regular deep conditinioning; follow the CG method so no shampooing

    What products do you use to help with longevity of color? products for color treated hair; my color fades less and lasts just a few weeks longer (6 weeks vs. 4 weeks)

    Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring? No, not really. My hair always has issues with dryness color or not. I just take the proper precautions always to fight back ;-)

  • shamigreen says:

    1. I'm a DIY.

    2. I use Clairol Tones & textures in Honey Blonde & Cherrywood to highlight my hair.

    3. I deep condition my hair as often as possible to retain moisture & do a protien treatment every 6-8 weeks to strenghten it.

    4. My color doesn't fade as badly as it did when I had a relaxer (YAY)… but when it does (usually 2-3 months down the road) I do a semi-permanent color rinse to freshen it up. I re-do my highlights twice a year, every 6 months.

    5. I've had highlights in my hair since I was 17 & it was permed back then, so it's been too long for me to remember.

  • Onebydesign says:

    I am a DIYer also and use Creme of Nature permanent box color since my hair is very porous and soaks up color like a sponge and I find that their colors are very true to the box. I dont use any special shampoos to help with the color, but I do dc every week since I am prone to dryness anyway. I have colored twice since I have been natural, which is coming up on 10 months, and will color again in the summer since the color I am currently rocking is rapidly growing out and it keeps me from getting bored with my hair.

    I have noticed that my hair has gotten curlier since I colored or maybe that is because my hair is getting longer, I have no idea, but no adverse effects at all to my hair :o)

  • Anonymous says:

    Im a diy gal.I used roux cpoweder and 20 developer to lift my colr. I pick any rinse i want after that right now i have the manic panic pillarbox red and i LOVE it. I kust make sure to keep up with my dc's once a week which involove roux porosity control, suave almond and shea butter conditioner and i add a some cocunut oil and shea butter to that mix and let sit for about 30 min. I may or may not cowash during the week depending on what i do to my hair. I do think my curl pattern has loosened a tad bit but idc i still think its beautiful. I havent noticed any drying or excessive shedding and ive bleached my hair over 5 times.(going back and forth between black and red). My regualr products such as leave ins changes due to my bad product junkie habits. Right now i use yes to carrots, kckt, Aussie moist,aloe vera conditioner by millcreek and their henna conditioner. Long as i treat my hair with some tlc i dont have any problems.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've done both. As a DIY'er I've used the Feria brand with much success on relaxed and natural hair. Once my gray hair became a bit porous and resistant to color I began having it done professionally. Initially I tried Paul Mitchell color. It didn't or could not cover my gray. Aveda is awesome. I have complete gray coverage, my hair is healthy and manageable. I've done foils and several colors at a time. I DC twice a month with Ojon. I use a shampoo for color treated hair as my color is red and it keeps it from fading. I use a butter to keep my twist outs moisturized. I haven't experienced drying with Aveda. I get my roots done every 2 months. Also, I've never had any issues with color altering my texture.

  • Anonymous says:

    I go to a stylist. I have a phobia of messing it up, and I trust my stylist. She uses Paul Mitchell on my hair, and I love it (the color looks amazing). Color-treated hair has to be moisturized often, so I make sure of that. I don't have any tricks to keep my color bright. I usually get my roots touched up every six months anyways.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a DIY girl. I hate the salon.
    I use WELLA and I have for the past 5 years and LOVE IT.

    I use conditioner for color treated hair to maintain longevity and I sleep on a satin pillow case at night.
    The only change I noticed was that it made my curls tighter which was a welcome change.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been natural since 2009 and I used the Revlon $2.97 box of golden blonde.

    Then in late 2010 I changed my hair to black by using Revlon $2.97 box of black.

    I liked the blonde because it blended in as my gray came in and as it faded it was lots of nice colors.

    With the black, I simply love it because it is a rich black. And OMgoodness with a wash-n-go and some gel and DevaCurl Set it Free, I am a happy camper.

    I co-wash every two days.

  • Anonymous says:

    Color is one of those things I believe that only a professional should do. I've had every color except for the extremes (purple, pink, etc.), and have never had breakage relaxed or natural. I still go to a stylist for color and cutting though I rock a caesar. I have no idea what brands she uses. I believe color-protecting products and DC'ing has helped with my colors. Coloring natural has loosened my waves.

  • Alice says:

    I'm a DIY. I've actually never been to a stylist for color. I've been really happy with Garnier's dyes (especially the herbashine! The conditioner that comes with it needs to be sold separately I love it so much).

    The biggest change I noticed was curl loosening and a general loss of thickness. I think this is because I had a lot of bleach damage from my final round of pink hair. I used bleach and toner that was too strong for my hair. Since then, I've been really gentle with my hair and everything has been going smoothly.

    Alice in Nappyland

  • Unknown says:

    Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist?

    I'm definitely a DIY girl, I love trying stuff on my hair for myself, cause somehow, I don't get the effects I look for when I go to a stylist (which is ever so rare)

    Which brand do you use?

    L'oreal Feria (R68) – I have used hair colours for women of colour – Clairol and Dark and Lovely and they don't work with my hair at all.

    What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage?

    I try to steam every 2 wks, but lately I started doing it once every week cuz my hair starts to feel a little dryer than usual.

    What products do you use to help with longevity of color?

    Actually I use the same products I used before colouring..same oils, same leave-ins as recommended from CurlyNikki :)

    Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring?

    Honestly the second time I coloured I found my hair isn't as moist as it was before, it dries out quicker, so I started to steam once a week and I noticed its been working somewhat.

  • Breanna says:

    I just used the conditioners that came with it, or some suave or pantene products along with cantu shea leave in conditoner repairing cream. I did find that my hair did feel a little bit dry after the initial coloring, but once my moisture level uptake was back in par everything was good to go from there.

  • Breanna says:

    I've colored my hair using the boxes from Clairol Instincts #36 in Midnight Black semi-permanent. Also used rinses from Jazzing in Spiced Cognac and Toasted Chestnut. I've also used conditioner that I mixed ground cinnamon with to add some brown to my black hair, and that stuff really does work :).

  • Anonymous says:

    @CynDru, I currently have 3C with a little 4a, mostly wavy pattern and my texture completly look totally different. The part were my hair has color looks like dead hair I have been doing protect styles to prevent some breakage, but its still sheding a lot. The texture is course tightly dense where the color is and the "new growth" or non color hair is wavy. I clearly need to cut off the dead color which is just the ends because I colored it when I had a twa. I saw a difference right away with the texture change so I did not recolor my hair. Now I have about four inches of great hair and dead color at the ends. (if that makes any sense)

  • Anonymous says:

    I've colored my hair for about 4 years. I began with a dark blonde with highlights and kept it that color until just recently when I darkened it back to near natural color. I got touch-ups for my roots every 3-4 months. I've never had an issue with damage or anything.
    Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist? I ALWAYS see a stylist for color and would never trust myself with any chemical service.

    Which brand do you use? I think the salon uses Redken color.

    What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage? Conditioner,conditioner, conditioner. I use a rinse out conditioner and I always use a leave-in conditioner. I also use a deep treatment conditioner once a week.

    What products do you use to help with longevity of color? I make sure I use non-sulfate shampoos which tend to strip color.

    Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring? I did not notice any change in my hair with breakage, damage, or texture changes after color.

  • BlondeByDesire says:

    Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist? I'm a DIY girl. I do my own color – right now I'm just mainitaing every 3 months with a root touch up.

    Which brand do you use? Clairol Professionals – Clear Mix Tones along with the Clairoxide 20 Developer

    What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage? I keep my hair well moisturized. 2x week co-washing, DC 2x month along with Huetiful Hair Steamer 2x a month. Wash 2x a month. Protective styling – usually twists or bun.

    What products do you use to help with longevity of color? Since I've been natural, Koils By Nature Butters/Leave-in; Karens Body Beautiful Butters/Leave-in; Giovanni Leave-in and Shampoo; My Honey Child products; Qhemet Biologics products; Curls products (online); SheaMoisture Smoothie

    Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring? No, I have had my color for well over 11 years now both will relaxed and now as a natural. My hair has never been in better shape.

    I love it, never had any problems with drying, breakage or anything. I think it's the choice of brand and of course color option. With what I use, it's just a highlighter (lightens my natural hair color) to its fullest potential. My color doesn't have a name. I believe it's not as harsh as other dyes, bleaches, etc.

  • CynDru says:

    @anonymous I'm curious as to how it changed ur hair texture, i think that would be my only set back as far as coloring goes…. I love my curls and I wouldnt wanna the color to have an effect…

  • Anonymous says:

    My stylist uses Herbatint – a plant based hair color. Its available at Ricky's NYC and whole foods.

  • Anonymous says:

    Color is a very interesting topic! Well I tried Color for Texture I think that is the name by dark n lovely. It is made for African American Natural Hair textures. At the time I had a twa and it look great but it changed my texture. As my hair has been growing out the color ends are damaged. I have done all the deep condishining etc. and my hair is sheding tremendously. I really love color, but the next time I will go either to a natural professional or henna. The color I have is in the dark brown family not blonde or anything crazy. I need to trim off the color but waiting for my hair to grow a little bit more. I can clearly see how my texture has changed from the ends to root so for me this one is hard for me because I love my natural texture and color. Next time around will be a either a professional, henna, or colorless :(.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love color. My stylist uses Paul Mitchell colors. I refuse to do my own color, I want to make sure it turns out right. I deep condition my hair, every 2-3 weeks, it depends. I use olive oil and coconut oil to keep my hair moisturized. I do not use anything in particular to help with longevity of color. My curls are a little looser, when I add color.

  • Unknown says:

    I loove dying my hair DIY all the way, however I've just switched to henna to strengthen my hair. My hair became just a tad bit weaker but proteins give my hair instant muscle (I loove avocado and egg masks) I use Dark n Lovely which gives great colour without making your hair feel like straw. I use Aussie's colour range and also avoid alll heat just so my hair doesn't feel like I'm asking for too much, hair needs love!

  • Shalonda says:

    Are you a DIY girl or do you see a stylist? I see a stylist to do my color. I don't trust myself with color/highlights.

    Which brand do you use? She uses Paul Mitchell colors.

    What do you do to protect your hair from chemical damage? I do weekly deep treatments and usually wear my hair in twist for 3 days. I keep my my hair well moisturized and oil the ends.

    What products do you use to help with longevity of color? I use my Shea Moisture deep treamtment mask for deep conditioning and twist my hair with My Honey child Hair cream or Koils by nature hair butter. I also use castor oil on my ends.

    Did you notice changes in your hair after coloring? I had my 1st color done a yr after I had been natural. I have not noticed any changes in my hair(just had the 2nd set of highlights put in last week). If you have a solid routine then I don't think color will have any changes to your hair.

  • Candice D says:

    So glad you posted this! I have been in Target, in the Hair Dye aisle reading all the boxes and trying to decide, "to color, or not to color" and how to take care of my hair with this color!

    Thanks :)

  • Dalora says:

    I am definitely DIY. I love having control over how the color comes out. Plus you can't beat $12 for 2 boxes of dye versus salon prices.

    I use Dark & Lovely. It works well on lightening darker, unprocessed hair like mine.

    I don't use anything to help with color. I get lots of comments on my hair color. People often think it's natural because its fading and shading occurs over time and matches that achieved naturally. I don't use sulfates, though, which helps.

    My hair is more porous and the curls are looser after coloring.

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