MelMelBee writes:

When I first started on my natural hair journey, my hair was extremely damaged. When I first did the water test to determine Charlene’s (her name) porosity, my shed hair was submersed under water within seconds. I commenced regular protein treatments including henna and gave into to my PJ tendencies to find the perfect products to care for my 3a/3c, overly porous, fine, un-dense, hair.
Fast Forward….
My hair is growing nicely and feels stronger. I’ve been able to practice a wide variety of styles and I love the versatility. It is more coarse in the back and due to regular amla treatments clumps beautifully all over. However, lately I’ve noticed major dryness, especially the ends of my hair. Despite regular DCs and moisturizing, it still feels dry and hard. I recently re-did the water test…my strands just floated on top…24 hours later…still floating.
So, based on all of the information I have found on CurlyNikki and other sites, my hair now has low porosity, and appears more coarse in certain areas. Bottom line….PRODUCT CHANGES! A part of me is excited that I get to give in to my PJism, but the other part of me does not want to go back through the process of “buying and trying”
How do you ladies handle hair changes? What do you do (or not do) to curb your PJ tendancies?
What do you do (or not do) to maintain the protein/moisture balance in your hair?