Laurabeth S. of Naturallycurly writes;

This time of year, I pack away my thicker sweaters like beloved friends in a vacuum-protected Space Bag and exchange them for the short sleeves I’ve missed all winter long. Similarly, I rotate my hair products to complement the change in seasons.

If you haven’t performed this spring cleaning ritual, you may not know how to determine what season best complements a particular product type or ingredient composition.

Here are a few areas to consider as you categorize your spring arsenal vs winter pack-aways.

Pack Away Winter’s Products

To a head of curls, winter brings three major characteristics: cold outside, dry heat inside and cold humidity. Because curls need moisture to be their boosted best, this combination can rob them of their bounce. In winter, I lean toward thicker creams, silicone-laden products to seal in the moisture from the creams or leave-ins, and products rich in oils and butters. The oils and butters penetrate deeply into my curls, imparting a lasting moisture that the dry air can’t evaporate away.

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Which winter favs are you packing away in the coming months?