Sherrell writes;

I have been natural for over six years. Being so far along in my journey sometimes I want to straighten my hair just for a different look. However, I’m not comfortable with the idea of heat on my hair (I’ve done quite enough damage with color). I also promised myself back in July to treat my hair and body better.

I’m interested in buying a lace front wig. As stated before, I’ve only been working with my hair, so I’m VERY inexperienced with fake hair. I Googled various sites and watched many reviews on Youtube. I’m a bit overwhelmed as to what type of hair, brand and products to use? Do you have any suggestions or any recommendations of someone that know of the lace front life.

Help her out!

CN Says;
Totally clueless here. BUT… Martina from America’s # 1 wedding reality show…Bridezillas, recently sent in a couple of videos on her lace front adventures. Specifically, she talks about using them to aid in her transition, as well as how to make them look natural. Check it out:

Part 1:

Part 2: