Autumn writes;

This is for other new naturals, like myself, looking for ACCURATE progression pics!

My BC was in November 2010. But more importantly, I have been *PC* since July 2010.

Progression: I have almost 4 inches of hair. Which puts me on track for the average 6 inches in a year!

As a natural, ONE of my goals is to grow my hair stronger and longer than it ever was when I was relaxed. And that’s past BSL. So, I’m always scouring the web (blogs, forums, Fotki, Youtube) for progression pics. I’m always inspired…and then disappointed.

Here’s what happens: I see a picture of a girl with similar hair to mine, and her hair is significantly longer. Then I have to scour the pages/comments to find out her story. “Ooohhh”, I say to myself soberly. We BC’d around the same time, but she transitioned for A YEAR, compared to my measly 4 months.

Why don’t we refer to PC (Post Creamy Crack) more than we refer to the BC? I think we should start!


I know that everyone’s hair journey was not escaping relaxers.

I know not everyone’s hair goal is to grow waist length hair.