I saw this on Naturallycurly in the General Discussion and thought it’d be fun (and informative) to do here! Below, the overly porous ladies will check in and share their hair biographies and next week, we’ll check in with the low porosity divas. Hopefully the responses of others may help YOU and give you a starting place for a routine.

Here are some links to help you figure out your hair properties:

Porosity and Why it Matters
Not Every Natural is Coarse, Of Course
Live Curly Live Free – Curly Hair Basics How to type hair using the Fia system | eHow.com What hair elasticity is and how to measure elasticity or hair stretch Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground

**If you are POROUS, share the following in the comments below;

Thickness of Strand:
Fine, medium, or coarse
Curl Pattern:
3c,4b, etc.
Density: thin, medium, thick
Elasticity: low, normal, high
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl, easily weighed down, lots of shrinkage, etc.

CG/ModCG/not CG: If modified, state how you modified the method.
Hard water or soft water:
Average climate/dew points:

Protein section:
Do you PT? If so how often?
How long?
10 minutes, 1 hour, etc.
PT with heat or steam?
Favorite PTs:
Favorite products that contain protein? Conditioners, leave-ins, styling products, etc.
Proteins your hair likes?
Wheat protein, collagen, keratin protein, etc.
Proteins your hair dislikes?

Moisture section:
Do you DT? If so, how often?
How long?
15 minutes, 1 hour, etc.
DT with heat or steam?
Favorite DTs:
Favorite products to moisturize your hair:
Conditioners, leave in conditioners, styling products, etc.
Ingredient likes: behentrimonium methosulfate, glycerin, jojoba oil, etc.
Ingredient dislikes: shea butter, oils, cetrimonium chloride, etc.
Do you seal? If so, what do you use to seal?

Do you avoid humectants? If so, which humectants do you avoid? Do you avoid them at all dew points or only certain dew points?

Low dew point combos:
Normal dew point combos:
High dew point combos:

HG/Go-to Products: up to 5 products that are constantly in your rotation

Name the methods, techniques, and tricks that work for your porous hair?
Spritz and condish, prewash treatments, sealing, etc.