Dear Nikki,

I just BC’ed! OMG, I can’t believe it!

I didn’t plan to… I had been transitioning for 16 months, and had no intentions on chopping until I reached my desired length. I recently found a natural hair salon and made an appointment for a rod set. During the visit, I said, ‘why not?! I am ready to meet my real hair—take it off!’

I did have some heat damage so it’s much shorter than I expected. But I have always had the belief that it is just hair….it will grow! Other than my sister and my husband, you were the next person on my list to contact!

I went from shoulder to this today! I love your site! I truly have nervous excitement! I really did it!

The pic above is of me at home an hour after my chop!

Later Gator, lol!

Any other spontaneous big choppers out there? Any other ladies with plans to big chop this month?