I big chopped on Feb. 10th 2010, so I’m one year strong! The picture above is a couple of days after my big chop. I haven’t really experimented with various styles. I have stayed true to the two strand twist-out because I love the results. I just recently started re-twisting my hair every night before going to bed. I love how it stretches the hair out and aids in longevity of the style. Now I co-wash every week and a half rather than twice a week. My old routine consisted of wearing the silk cap to bed and refreshing my curly fro with Jane Carter’s Leave-in Conditioner.

My current regimen:

Once a week:
-Co-wash (Burt Bees’ or Giovanni’s Conditioner)
-Deep condition (Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Treatment)
-Spray hair with Jane Carter’s Leave-in Conditioner
-Two strand twists on wet hair with Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine
-Air dry overnight
-Release in the morning, shake, and go!

-Henna treatment (Jamila Summer Crop ’09 or ’10)

I get my ends trimmed every 3-4 months or whenever the knots get out of hand.

My nightly rountine: Like I stated earlier, I used to leave my hair out and just wear a satin cap to bed. I would wake up to smooshed hair and I would spray it with a leave-in conditioner and pull it out by the root while trying not to cause frizz. Now I re-twist my hair nightly and I continue to wear a silk cap.