Tamara writes;

Maybe I’m being ridiculous, maybe this is a dumb question. I haven’t seen it addressed, but hope someone else is thinking the same thing.

I cannot help but wonder who is regulating the natural hair product business? Many Youtubers and Bloggers are bottling their hair care regimens and selling them, but from what I can tell, no one is regulating anything. I can clearly read the natural ingredients on the label, but what if natural ingredient A + natural ingredient B = inactive result or a traumatic result? Or what if these ingredients all lose their potency after a certain amount of time. For example, I have a bottle of aloe vera juice that requires refrigeration, but I could buy a million different products with aloe in it that does not require refrigeration.

I mean everybody has a product line! I could throw some shea and oil together and start selling it too. There seems to be little regulation and I just think people should be careful. Right now I am only really interested in buying products from big companies or making my own.

Have you thought about this?

CurlyNikki Says;

I’m no mixtress… mainly because I’m lazy and commercial products just seem to work better for me anyway. I also don’t purchase or use the mixes Tamara is referring to. Not knocking their hustle… just saying. If the ingredients consist of shea, aloe vera juice, and oil, why wouldn’t I just whip it up myself?

Homemade spritzes and butters are very popular on the hair boards, and can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re a mixtress, please heed this warning, and make sure you’re adding preservatives to your concoctions, and/or keeping them refrigerated. Tonya McKay of Naturallycurly.com suggests the following:

  • Make up a small amount of solution daily or every other day.
  • Make up enough solution to last for one week and store it in the refrigerator when not in use.
  • Make up enough solution to use for 1-2 weeks and add either natural or synthetic preservative drops to it in an amount specified in the literature.

When whipping up your mix, she directs us to use boiling water, clean hands, and a sterilized container. You can purchase grapefruit seed extract (a popular natural preservative) from many health food stores. Even your properly preserved mixtures should be placed in the fridge for safe storage. To read more from this article, click HERE.