my college bestie, Melissaoh the (fuzzy) memories!

Hola Chicas!

In T minus 2 days I’ll be thrust back into vivid, brutal reality. Gone will the be the days of leaving the baby with grandma and taking a ‘quick trip to the store’, sleeping in ’till 10 am, and pretending that my taxes have been filed by magical elves. I actually owe Uncle Sam this year and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. I’m also not quite sure how I feel about our upcoming relocation to State College, PA. It’s three long hours from a major city, expensive to fly in and out of, and get this, Trader Joe-less. The only thing scarier than a life without TJs are those biscuit cans that go pop as you slowly tear away their cardboard exterior. It’s also ridiculously expensive up there and the property managers are all asses because they have a captive audience. We lucked out and found a cute and reasonably priced duplex with hardwood floors (my only pre-requisite, lol!), but still need to find a renter for our home in Raleigh, and oh yeah, pack and move our lives 500 miles north by August.

In other news, Boogie is on the grow. It seems she has found her tongue- – it’s stuck out much of the day and she thinks it’s the funniest thing since ‘that baby in the mirror’. She can sit in front of the mirror for 20 minutes at a time, laughing and babbling, and leaning in to touch or bump heads with that other baby. My sister, the soon to be neuroscientist, told me to place a red mark on her forehead prior to mirror time and watch to see if she tries to rub it away. If she does, she has mastered self-awareness. I’ve yet to conduct this experiment, but I bet she’d pass… she’s pretty advanced (don’t all mothers think this), so much so that everybody and their momma proclaims, ‘she sure is moving quickly… growing fast, you know what they say, right?’ I know what they say, and I ain’t trying to hear it! But I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind…

At around 2 months post-partum I went on the mini-pill… for obvious reasons. The doctor assured me that it wouldn’t dry up my milk supply and that it would be ‘mostly effective’ if I took it within the same 3 hour window everyday. So, for the last 5 months, I’ve done my best to take it religiously, along with my iron, and pre-natal… every night, right before bed as I watched my Tivo’ed King of the Hill and American Dad. About a month ago I realized that the mini-pill’s effectiveness lies with it’s ability to turn me into Mega Bitch and steal away my sex drive. My body was revolting against the hormones and I took myself off of it, for my sanity, and for hubby’s. Around the same time, I realized that I was late… a couple of days… then a week… now two weeks. Embarrassed- for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on- I hauled G to the store and purchased a few tests. I peed on sticks, all with negative results, and honestly don’t believe I’m pregnant (a test would’ve shown positive by now), but could you imagine?! LAWDY LAWDY! Looks like a trip to the OB is in my near future. Yeah, so there you go. TMI? I’ll keep you dolls posted :0)

Gia and her cousin yesterdayG was mostly sweet save for the ‘love scratches’ and hair tugs.

G and Great-Grandma!

Okay, last time, I promise, who does she look like?!

my big head husband

or me with my fivehead
and y’all better choose right!

**Edited to add more pics!**

First cousins John-John and Bobby

Dad’s older brother, Uncle Billy, aka Uncle Bully!

Dad’s younger brother (and also my Godfather), Uncle Barry! Notice G’s tongue?

Uncle Billy chastising my dad

Sylvia, Caitlyn (first cousin), Elizabeth, Danielle (first cousin), and Grandma looking startled

Syl trying to be cute…