There’s a new Benz in my driveway.

Those who know me are aware of how absurd the above statement is.

I’ve never been much of a ‘fancy car’ girl. I’m not enlightened, or trying to sound all holier than thou… I have my vices, but cars? Never. I gladly whipped a green Neon (with automatic nothing, and sporadic air conditioning) for much of high school, and was gifted a 2000 Saturn LS when I went off to graduate school. It’s now 2011, and the SAT still rolls hard! My only complaint is that the back window is now perpetually open (thanks Syl), and to keep from resorting to duck tape, I just crack the other windows to make it look intentional. It’s actually not that bad, save the for occasional spider that wanders in.

Our truck, a 2004 Buick Rainier is in need of a new transmission… and a new radiator… and a new camshaft… and a new air pump… and despite that disgusting diagnosis yesterday and the equally disgusting accompanying bill, I’m still smiling. Why? Because life is short and I’ve made a concerted effort to stop complaining. Plus, my cousin (also Gia’s Godfather) was sweet enough to loan us his car while we wait for ours to be repaired. Enter the 2011 Mercedes C300… with its automatic errything… hot butt, navigation, XM radio, OnStar, gigantor sunroof, and nearly silent start-up. Let me reiterate. I’ve never been a car girl. Have yet to buy my own car. Never had intentions of buying a ‘new’ car. But this my dears, this has made me rethink some things!

So if in the near future, you see Ms. CurlyNikki, diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean… you know it’s not for stunting purposes. It was purchased solely for the experience! Touché Nadeira, touché.

Later Gators,

p.s. As I typed this, mostly with one hand, Boog was banging on the keyboard, mouthing the corner of the screen, and pulling up using my boob and nape hair for leverage. Nice. Oh, and on my way home yesterday I stopped off and bought a bottle of wine. Why? Because my aunt finally came to town after playing me for 3 long weeks ;o)