He’sFaithful writes;

Hey CurlyNikki Fam!

I came across these articles today and thought of the natural hair community. The company that makes Brazilian Blowouts (I think also called keratin treatments) are in legal trouble because of their claim that they are formaldehyde-free but the article says independent scientists here in CA have found the product to contain about 8% formaldehyde, which can cause cancer (among other things). If this is true, then I am curious as to:

1. how the FDA let this one get by and,
2. if relaxers are/were under the same kind of scrutiny (or lack thereof) when it comes to testing.

Apparently Canada pulled the Brazilian Blowout off the market several months ago.

The Environmental Working Group (second link below) has published a report which named brands that have allegedly misrepresented themselves to consumers as having no formaldehyde in the products. For those who have either tried or are considering trying the Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatments this is worth reading.

The really sad part is that both consumers and salon workers are at risk for cancer and other ailments.