Burdock, Marshmallow and Hibiscus Leave-in & Detangler

Burdock, Marshmallow and Hibiscus Leave-in & Detangler

by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

If you’ve ever paid close attention to all of the natural and organic hair products you use, you may have noticed that they contain marshmallow – like the infamous knot today. The first time I saw this and before I was into hair product ingredients as much as I am now, I was surprised. I eat marshmallows like candy, so I was thinking, I know they are not talking about the puffy, sugary stuff!

And that is right, marshmallow root is a herb that is mucilage rich. It’s the root of the marshmallow plant that provides the slip like conditioner which helps to detangle hair. As an added bonus, marshmallow root is anti inflammatory which helps to alleviate dry scalp and dandruff.

Combined together with burdock root which can help to strengthen hair, hold in moisture and add sheen to your hair on top of it’s claimed hair growth promotion and scalp calming effects, you can have a very good homemade detangler on your hands. Burdock root is also a mucilage plant so combining it with marshmallow will make your detangling much easier. Lots of other curly and kinky haired women love this stuff, so it’s about time we got on it too!

In a pot water of just starting to simmer/low boil add:

  • 15- 20 dried organic hibiscus flowers
  • simmer the flowers for about 5 minutes making sure your water does not boil
  • remove from heat and remove flowers
  • add 3 tablespoons organic dried marshmallow root
  • and 3 tablespoons organic dried burdock root and stir them into the hot water
  • cover your conditioner with plastic wrap and let the herbs infuse for 15 minutes.
  • strain and pour the liquid into a squirt or squeeze bottle (i like to use an old water bottle with the pop out top)

Use this mixture on freshly washed and clean hair and do not rinse out. Comb through your hair and style as usual. (I like to add jojoba and extra virgin olive oil on top of my hair to seal)

Are you a fan of burdock, marshmallow or hibiscus? do you use these natural ingredients in your healthy hair routine?