KhadiJah (not pictured above) writes;

First off, let me give you a lil’ background on my hair. In January of 2005, I had my last perm, and probably my last visit to a hair salon. I’ve been caring for my hair on my own ever since. Can’t say I’ve had the best experiences, mainly because I went on this journey on my own, and with little knowledge on how to really care for natural hair. This is why your site is a blessing to me now :).

Today, my hair is usually flat ironed and in a ponytail. I co-wash every week and flat iron at least 3 times during the week. Even though I love my natural tresses, I still feel a bit self conscious when it comes to rocking my napptural hair. You see, I’m the only female in my classes, my major is automotive technology, and having your hair out is a no no in the work area at school due to safety reasons. But even so, on days when we are not working on cars, I still don’t wear my hair out. I think I lack self confidence when it comes to rocking natural styles, so here I am, coming to you asking, have you ever faced anything similar? And what are some of the things you do or say to build up the confidence to wear your natural styles (twist-outs, etc…)?

CN says;

I can totally relate!

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