Sian writes;

Hello curly world!

I know that this is a regular cry that can be heard on CN… but I NEED WEDDING HAIR HEEEELLLLLLP!
Let me give you guys the low down:
I’m a 3C curly, a year into my natural/healthy hair journey, and do not know of any natural hair stylists based in London (England) where I’m from. I really gotta make do on my own. Unfortunately, I have a very limited arsenal of up-dos that would be wedding appropriate AND I don’t have a lot of time to experiment as I’m in the final year of University (studying law is super demanding…why did I do it to myself?!). Prepping for my exams really has to take precedence until they’re out of the way… which only leaves me 4 weeks(!) to sort out my ‘do… and a wedding dress! – I know you must all be thinking I’m some kinda crazy…and maybe I am!
I found a couple of styles I like but I don’t know how to get the look… can anyone give me any tips or point me toward a youtube tutorial?