by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

Yes, it’s true. The hemp plant is mary jane. But don’t fret, hemp seed oil is a great product for your hair as well as your body. Actually the plant’s latin name means the “useful hemp”, so really that makes hemp oil the good mary, you know, the one who had the little lamb?

Hemp seed oil is full of natural fatty acids and is wonderful for natural hair of all textures, especially coarse and coily bellas. I have been using this on my hair and boy let me tell you! Talk about powerful stuff! I’ve never had an oil perform like this on my hair before. Ever.

My hair strand to the touch, despite my curls, is very wiry. The actual strand itself has curls and then kinks within those curls if that makes sense. But as soon as I put hemp seed on my hair, my kinks get so soft which in turn makes my hair more manageable.

I like to mix hemp seed with my knot today leave in. It makes my hair super soft and supple and easy to manage. I love this stuff! xoxo hemp seed oil!

To mix up your own batch of hemp seed magic all you need is a quick trip to an organic food market or a quick order online to get your hands on the oils that will help to keep dry hair away.

1 once coconut oil – if your hair is protein sensitive, substitute extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 once jojoba oil
1 1/2 once organic hemp seed oil (click for the brand I personally use and love)
1/4 teaspoon silk peptide powder (promotes suppleness, shine and elasticity)
5-10 drops fragrance or essential oils (optional)

Mix oils in a 4 once bottle. Store in cool dark place – it’s HIGHLY recommended that you refrigerate this mixture to get the most life out of it as hemp seed oil can go rancid very quickly (I always store my hemp seed oil in the fridge). You can use this mixture on your dry hair as a pre-poo as well as a moisture sealer after washing your hair as well as a weekly hair revitalizer.

Hemp seed oils has a very nutty smell to it, so if that’s not your vice, be sure to add a couple drops of essential oils to your mix like lemon grass or rosemary to counter the nutty smell of this powerful mixture.

Why hemp seed oil for hair?

Hemp seed oil is a ceramide oil which is a polar lipid. Polar lipids have a vital role in the hair’s external protective sheath, the cuticle. Ceramides are essential to the cohesion of the cuticle and maintenance of its protective effect for the hair shaft and are known to protect and/or repair the hair fibers from or after attack by the various agents and treatments mentioned above. In particular, they have a barrier effect which limits the loss of proteins – what hair is made of. Furthermore, they also reinforce cuticle cohesion, which gives the hair more strength and liveliness.

Is it best to use hemp seed internally or externally for your hair? Most nutritionists believe that to really get benefits from a supplement, we need to take them internally. If you are experiencing hair or skin challenges, taking hemp oil as a capsule form or as a food, will offer the best results.

Taken internally, it is thought by many to simulate growth of hair and nails, improve the health of the skin, and can even reduce inflammation from arthritis or related diseases.

While the hemp based shampoos and hair care products can offer the benefit of softer hair and skin, it can not be as supportive as taking the oil internally.

Some people experiment with adding hemp seed oil directly to their favorite shampoos and conditioners as a home grown custom recipe. Others will apply the oil directly to their hair as a form of conditioning. Not well suited as a hot oil treatment, the oil can still be applied to hair and left on overnight. It can also be used to oil braids, cornrows or other hair weaves.

If you wish to experiment by adding hemp oil to your hair start slowly with a little oil. if the formula works, you can slowly increase the amount you use. source

Do you use hemp seed oil? How do you like it? Have you noticed a difference in your hair since using this powerful oil?