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Curly Nikki

KeetaRay Styles her Mini Twists

By January 27th, 20215 Comments
Y’all know how much I love KeetaRay’s mini twists! Check out how she styles them:

KeetaRay says;

The twists were done on wet hair after a co-wash so there is major shrinkage. I’m okay with that since I planned on wearing them in updos anyway to protect my ends.
(Feather Earrings were purchased by Candid Art)


  • Anonymous says:

    Not cute. Thanks though.

  • BreukelensFinest says:

    love it! mini twists are definitely one of my favorite styles!

  • Anonymous says:

    Cute! I love mini twists. I stayed stayed up all night doing my twists last night. I'm one happy woman. Now I can let my hair be and just GROW. Don't have to take extra time out every night to do my hair either. I'm one year in and so happy my hair is long enough to do mini twists.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn't like it

  • Jamila Reddy says:

    I love styled mini twists. It just takes so daggone long for me to do them that I hardly do. My twists also get really fuzzy super quick, so spending a lot of time on a three-day style is troubling.

    This is beautiful, though. I'll definitely give it a try next time I do my twists!

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